Music Club

Music Subscription

Music Club is a music service from Kyivstar allowing you to listen and download songs to your mobile phone. Catalogue updates every day! Visit from your computer or mobile and listen to your favourite music!

The first week of service usage is free of charge!


  • Anytime and anywhere listen and download best songs;
  • create your own music library at the service website: save songs and singers at the favourite folder and create your own playlists;
  • do not pay for data traffic while visiting the service website from your mobile;
  • wide assortment - tens of thousands of the best songs are available;
  • music catalogue updates every day;
  • upon the first activation the first 7 days of service usage are free;



 Music Club Service Management and Usage Conditions

  • You can download up to 10 tracks per day.
  • Download option is unavalable for iOS users.
  • To activate the service send an SMS message with any text to the number 770. The SMS delivery is free of charge.
  • To deactivate the service send the SMS message with the word "Stop" (any case) to the number 770. Message is free of charge.
  • You can activate or deactivate the service from using number 770 (calls from «kyivstar» network are free), at the service website or in Music Club app at Profile section.

Music Club allows service usage without paying for data traffic.

To get access to the music listening and downloading you may be offered to log in at the service page

Please, note: The customers using mobile access to the internet via the access points and, pay for the Internet traffic according to the acting fees and charges for Mobile Internet XL. The customers using browsers Opera Mini or Opera Mobile pay according to their tariff plan.


Music Club is an option of Kyivstar mobile tariff plans. It includes full access to the whole music catalogue available and free-of-charge data traffic with no extra fees within. User can use up to 5 devices in service. If user activates Music Club tariff option, then total monthly customers’ bill for telecom services increases up to in average 16 UAH per month (4,25 UAH per week).

  1.  At the first activation, you will receive seven days of free use to evaluate the benefits of the "Music Club." After the end of this period, the service will cost:
    • 1.00 UAH per day for contract customers;
    • 7.00 UAH per week for prepaid customers. If your account does not have enough funds to pay for the cost of accessing the service for a week, the fee for the service will be charged for one day – 1.00 UAH.
  2. If the amount on the account is not enough for the daily payment, access to it for that day is suspended.
  3. If you do not pay for the service within 90 calendar days, it is deactivates automatically.
  4. If you activate the "Dating Club" not the first time (previously turned off the service or it was automatically disabled due to lack of funds), re-activation of the service is free of charge. Free usage period is not provided.


Tariff rates are indicated incl. all taxes and fees.


 Sharing Information with Users

Upon Music Club service activation you will receive information SMS messages with the Music Club news. The text messages will be delivered from Music Club short numbers, 770. Delivery of the text messages from Music Club short numbers, 770 is free of charge.