Network Expert

Now you can help us improve the connection quality! Tell us about the network problems with a new “Network Expert” app, and we will work to eliminate them.

How it works

“Network Expert” automatically measures the network parameters which affect the connection quality. You can conduct tests in certain places, create complaints and send them to us via the app. “Network Expert” collects information about the network performance and sends reports automatically about such events: lack of coverage, lack of data transmission, dropped calls, poor signal. The app compresses and encrypts the reports to decrease the amount of user’s data and to secure it.

How to use

  1. Download the app in the Apple Store or Play Market.
  2. Open the app and log in with your Kyivstar number.
  3. In “Problem report” section you can manually create notifications about problems and send them to us.
  4. In “Network test” section you can test the network parameters.
  5. In “Network coverage” section you can check the network coverage at any point within Ukraine.
  6. If you want to review the quality of Kyivstar services, choose “Feedback”.

How much does it cost

Installing the app, updating its versions, and tests used by external services (Google, Facebook, OLX, YouTube, Apple Maps) are paid according to the terms of the plan, all other features of the app are not charged.