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Government in smartphone

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  • Diia
  • Ministry of health of Ukraine
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We do not charge megabytes when you use these apps


From the passport of a citizen of Ukraine to a student ticket — with Dia all important documents are always with you. Just download Dia and they will automatically appear on your smartphone.

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Look for doctors and clinics online, fill out a declaration with a family doctor, to make an appointment with the doctor without leaving your home.

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Ministry of health of Ukraine

Latest news about COVID-19, vaccinations, and the health care system on the official website of the Ministry of Health.

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Most often asked
  • What is Government in a smartphone?

    Government in a smartphone is a list of applications that you can use without charging Internet traffic.
  • Who can use Government in a smartphone ?

    All our subscribers. This offer is activated automatically within 15 minutes after the tariff has been charged. If you have just switched to a new tariff from a different one, please restart your phone to use these services without charging the internet. New subscribers don't need to do this.

  • Is Internet traffic charged when I visit the sites of these services?

    Yes. If you go to these services' sites or use unofficial applications or those that are not included in the list Government in the smartphone, megabytes are charged. Applications from our offer Government in a smartphone you can download from Google Play, AppStore and Windows Store.

  • In what cases can traffic be charged?

    • If you watch the videos via mobile internet of another smartphone (mobile hotspot/tethering).
    • If no subscription fee has been charged under the terms of your plan.
    • If you are using the Opera browser or any other browser which "compresses" web pages.
    • If you go to other sites from these applications/pages.
    • When you download apps and updates from Google Play, App Store and Windows Store.
    • If the megabytes from your tariff have expired.

    Technical traffic, traffic generated by counters, cookies and banner ads on the pages and applications, are also charged according to your plan. If you have already subscribed to one of these applications or downloaded any paid content, the subscription/content cost will be charged.

  • Additional Information

    If you have some restrictions on mobile internet speed, it will also apply to applications from the offer of Government in the smartphone. If you are using the Tor browser or the incognito mode in any of the browsers, we cannot guarantee the services' correct operation.