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Prometheus is the first Ukrainian public platform of free online courses. The goal of this project is to provide the best educational opportunities for every citizen of Ukraine.

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Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia that contains more than 32 million articles in 280 languages. Wikipedia is the most comprehensive and widely used reference book in human history.

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Smart Kyivstar

Smart Kyivstar is a library that enables mobile and convenient reading from your device. Modern bestsellers and favorite books from childhood, masterpieces of Ukrainian and Russian literature as well the works for school program.

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Video on the go™ Social Communication and messengers

More about Knowledge

  • What is Knowledge?

    The Knowledge offer allows you to read and watch all that you want from included services without data charges in our network. The list of educational services is updating constantly, so stay tuned!

  • Who can join the Knowledge offer?

    Knowledge is a charity project, which is aimed at making world knowledge accessible for everyone – anytime and anywhere. That’s why we made the Knowledge open by default for all users of Kyivstar network. This special offer is automatically activated in 15 minutes after the fee was charged under the terms of your plan. If you have just switched to the new plan, reboot your phone to activate updated settings. New customers may skip this step.

  • Do I have to use mobile applications of these services?

    If you use unofficial apps or apps of side services as well access sites via web browser on your phone, data is charged. Official apps for smartphones and tablets can be downloaded from Google Play, AppStore and Windows Store. We gathered all links to official apps for included services here.

  • Is there any case when you charge my mobile data?

    • If you watch the videos via mobile internet of another smartphone (mobile hotspot/tethering).
    • If no subscription fee has been charged under the terms of your plan.
    • If you are using the Opera browser or any other browser which "compresses" web pages.
    • If you go to other sites from these applications/pages.
    • When you download apps and updates from Google Play, App Store and Windows Store.
    • If the megabytes from your tariff have expired

    Technical traffic as well as traffic, which is generated by counters, cookies and banner ads on the pages and applications, are also charged according to your plan. If you have already subscribed to one of these applications or downloaded any paid content, the cost of subscription/content will be charged.

  • Additional information

    • While using the Tor Browser, as well as "incognito" mode in any of the browsers, correct operation of service is not guaranteed.
    • If your internet speed is limited, the restriction will be valid for the resources/applications from the Knowledge offer.