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Unlim Video

95 UAH/mo
Internet superfast 3G
6000 MB
Calls within Kyivstar network
Calls to other networks
100 min
100 SMS
Free SMS with VEON
+12 additional services
  • Knowledge
    • Free traffic to Prometheus app
    • Unlimited traffic to Wikipedia
    • Unlimited traffic in the MyBook App
    • Unlimited traffic in SmartKyivstar App
  • Social Communication
    • Unlimited traffic in Facebook App
    • Unlimited traffic in Twitter App
  • Music freedom™
    • Unlimited traffic in Zvooq app
    • Unlimited traffic in Fonoteka
  • Video on the go™
    • Unlimited traffic in YouTube app
    • Unlimited traffic in "Kyivstar Home TV" app
    • Unlimited traffic in app
    • Unlimited traffic in Divan.TV app

Maximum Unlim

155 UAH/mo
Internet superfast 3G
Calls within Kyivstar network
Calls to other networks
300 min
300 SMS
Free SMS with VEON
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    What is additional services?

    The largest encyclopedia of the world, tens of thousands of books, free streaming music and video without tariffing traffic. We connect more services constantly.
    Social Communication

    Chat and share with friends as you like. The world’s most popular social networks and messengers are included.

    Music freedom™

    Millions of music tracks for all tastes and moods in your smartphone. Unlimited streaming within 3G-network.


    Wikipedia in all languages and free books in applications MyBook and SmartKyivstar. Read what you like.

    Video on the go™

    Watch your favorite movies, TV series and channels from included apps – without subscription fee and data charges.


    How to set up mobile internet

    Try it now - it's easy.

    3G-coverage map Kyivstar

    Check 3G coverage in your city Great 3G is now available to nearly 20 million Ukrainians. Join the largest network.
    — 3G coverage area

    More about mobile internet

    • What are the 3G benefits?

      The main advantage is mobility and high data rate. With 3G technology you can:

      • use super-fast mobile internet without being tied to a Wi-Fi, computer or laptop.
      • stream music and video. To find out more about streaming go here.
      • send and receive email, share photos and files just in few seconds.
      • play online games with minimal ping-delay.
    • With the speed at which data is transmitted in the 3G-network?

      The third-generation networks provide a gradual speed build-up to 42.2 Mbit/s. However, this does not mean that all subscribers will receive this rate. On the commercial 3G base station, the capacity is divided between all the subscribers, who will use the services of the operator in this cell. But it still will be ten times better than the GPRS or EDGE technology. For comparison, the rate of data transfer GPRS technology is up to 86 Kbit/s and EDGE is up to 236 Kbit/s

    • How much does 3G internet cost?

      The cost of 3G internet is the same as for usual mobile internet – according to your price plan conditions. Our new price plans are made special for comfortable usage of mobile internet. More about

      How to know is there 3G in my city?

      All new towns in which we are launching 3G-coverage immediately appear on the map here.

    • How does work dual-SIM smartphone in 3G?

      Generally, in dual-SIM devices only one of the two slots support 3G. Standard mark should be near the SIM-card slot. If this information is not there, browse specifications in the instructions for your device.

    • What affects the speed of 3G internet?

      Kyivstar is deploying 3G network under HSPA+ technology, which enables the maximum speed up to 42.2 Mbps. However, some agents affect the data transfer speed. In particular:

      • Technical capability of device. In user’s manual should be indicated the bandwidth for certain phone as well the maximum speed of mobile internet.
      • 3G standard of device – WCDMA (up to 2 Mbps), HSDPA (14.4 Mbps), HSPA+ (up to 42,2 Mbps).
      • Subscribers activity on network (its capacity).
      • The time and place when accessing the internet. For example, when you go by car the 3G speed on your smartphone will be lower than if you walk.
      • Weather conditions.
    • Will my battery drain real fast with 3G?

      That’s right, when you stream music or videos or use the internet in 3G-network, your smartphone is discharging faster. If the phone will operate as an access point ("distribute" the data to other devices), it dies less than in hour of intensive use. Most manufacturers specify in the characteristics of a mobile device, how long the phone will live in 3G-network without recharging. We recommend you also check your apps. Some of them can perform in the background, constantly consuming data and battery life. When there is no need for 3G-speed internet, you can choose 2G network settings and thus extend the life of your smartphone by 10-30%.

      Other possible solutions:

      • to buy new smartphone with more capacious battery;
      • to buy external mobile battery (portable power bank);
      • to activate power saving phone mode (the availability of this function depends on model).
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