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If you are already a Kyivstar subscriber, change your plan with just a few clicks in «My Kyivstar»

Order the plan

My Kyivstar

If you are already a Kyivstar subscriber, change your plan with just a few clicks in «My Kyivstar»

Sorry, the connection to Home Internet is not available at this address.

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What is additional services?

The largest encyclopedia of the world, tens of thousands of books, free streaming music and video without tariffing traffic. We connect more services constantly.
Social Communication and messengers

Chat and share with friends as you like. The most popular social networks and messengers are included.


Wikipedia in all languages and free books in SmartKyivstar app. Read whatever you like.

Video on the go™

Watch your favorite movies, TV series and channels from included apps – without subscription fee and data charges.

Music freedom

Millions of music tracks for all tastes and moods in your smartphone. Unlimited streaming.

Games without limits

Play popular games and visit world platforms for gamers without data charges.

Government in smartphone

Without queues, bureaucracy and unnecessary paperwork


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How to set up mobile internet

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More about mobile internet
  • What is 4G?

    4G is the fourth generation mobile internet, the successor to 3G and 2G. This is the standard for mobile ultra-fast data transfer for your devices — smartphones, tablets, or modems. The 4G network provides data download speeds of up to 150 Mbps and data rates of up to 75 Mbps.

  • What makes 4G better than 3G?

    The advantages of 4G over 3G are primarily in higher data rates, a new generation of SIM cards, a more stable connection, and higher network capacity.

  • How much does 4G internet cost?

    4G Internet is charged as regular mobile Internet according to the terms of your tariff plan. Our plans help you to enjoy all the benefits of 4G without restrictions.

  • How do I know if 4G will be in my area?

    If there is 4G in your area you can see on this map here.

  • How to transfer contacts after SIM replacement?

    We have prepared detailed instructions for you. You can read it here.

    There is no English translation yet. But you can use the Google translate extension on your browser.

    It's okay. We checked it ( ‾́ ◡ ‾́ )

  • What is the maximum duration of an internet session?

    The maximum duration of an Internet session through an internet access point is 720 minutes.