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Music freedom™

Music freedom™

Listen to any music
from the included services
without data charges.

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Available services
  • Radio Kyivstar
  • Zvuk
  • We are connecting more
    services permanently.

Download the official applications and enjoy the music

Radio Kyivstar

Four channels of high-quality music in one music platform: Top Hits, Lounge, Business and Rock. Sing along to the songs on Top Hits, relax with Lounge or find something new and unusual on Business channel. And for active people, we added a new channel, radio Rock.

For those who live musically.

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  • Google Play

All music, over 25 million tracks, can be streaming for free and in unlimited amounts. Moreover, Zvuk creates incredible collections of music for every situation and mood.

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More about Music freedom™

  • What is Music freedom™?

    Music freedom™ allows you to stream any music you want, from the services listed on your smartphone or tablet without the traffic charge in the 3G-network. The list of services is updating permanently, so stay tuned!

  • What is streaming?

    Streaming video and audio – it`s a way of listening to music and watching videos on the internet in real-time, without downloading files to your mobile device. Previously, if you want to watch videos or listen to music you always have to download files to your computer or mobile phone. Now, when the new technology has appeared, you can listen and watch anything instantly, as if the music or movie is already saved on your smartphone. With reliable and fast 3G from Kyivstar, you won't feel the difference between listening to music or watch videos, which are downloaded to your phone, and streaming music or video. No more searches in advance, selecting and downloading to your phone, tablet or player. Any song and any video or movie are available at any time, wherever internet access is.

  • How do I know whether there is Music freedom™ in my price plan?

    Music freedom™ is invented for active users of 3G superfast internet and is already included in each price plan from the list:

    Prepaid. Unlim Video, Unlim Video 2017, Unlim Video+ 2017, Kyivstar Online+, Kyivstar Online+. Region 1, Kyivstar Online+. Region 2, Kyivstar Online Extra, Kyivstar Online Extra. Region 1, Kyivstar Online Extra. Region 2.

    Contract. All for 65, All for 90, All for 110, All for 125, All for 160, All for 175, All for 300, All for VIP and All for VIP Extra.

    Kyivstar All together. Kyivstar All together -50%, Kyivstar All together 319, Kyivstar All together 289, Kyivstar All together 259, Kyivstar All together 254, Kyivstar All together 234, Kyivstar All together 214, Kyivstar All together -40%.

    Business. 3G Business 60, 3G Business 120, 3G Business 180, 3G Business 300, 3G Business VIP, 3G Business VIP Extra, 3G Business VIP Premium.

    If you are not sure, which price plan you are using now, you can find information on the main page of the system My Kyivstar.

    For correct function of Music freedom™ restart the phone after activation of the price plan.

  • How to connect Music freedom™?

    Music freedom™ has no need to be activated separately if you already use one of the new Kyivstar price planes.

    Prepaid. The service will be connected automatically within 15 minutes, if you pay 100% of the cost for the current month price plan. Reconnecting of the service also occurs within 15 minutes, if you have paid full cost of the plan. If you have moved from another tariff plan with a new service is turned off during the day.

    Contract. As soon as you connect the price plan the service will be provided as standard within a day.

    Please note! If you download the paid content through one of these applications, the cost of subscription/content will be paid separately.

  • Do I have to use mobile applications for music services?

    Yes. If you listen to music via web browser on your phone, traffic will be charged. The same is for music applications that are not included in the pack Music freedom™. Make sure you listen to your favourite songs via official app from one of the music services Music freedom™.

  • If I spend all tariff megabytes, will music streaming be limited to 2G speeds?

    Yes. Music freedom™ allows you to stream any music, without affecting the volume of megabytes superfast 3G internet. When the packet megabytes end, all traffic can be limited up to 2G speed. After using additional packs of megabytes Music freedom™ will be available again on 3G-rate and won`t be charged.

  • Is it possible to add other music apps in the list?

    We are working on adding all the official music streaming services that you use. Now we have launched Music freedom™ with those services, which occupy 85% of all music streaming traffic in the network, to meet the expectations of the majority of our clients.

    If you know a good music service, which is still not included in the pack Music freedom™, let us know in Facebook or Twitter.

  • How about music stored in my clouds?

    Music freedom™ doesn`t have neither downloading nor listening options from the cloud, only from official music streaming services. Of course, if you have already saved music from the cloud on your smartphone, you can listen to it offline with no worries about traffic.

  • Does data count if I stream the music from social media?

    The Music freedom™ offer includes streaming of music, which is stored on social network’s servers. Please note that the side content from other sites may be visually similar to content on social networks’ servers. Such traffic from other sources is charged.

  • If there is video in the music app whether the traffic will be also uncharged?

    Offer covers only audio streaming. Other types of content, in particular video or TV streaming, are not included in this offer. If you are interested in video streaming, learn more about our service Video On The Go™.

  • Whether traffic is charged if I use another smartphone as a mobile hotspot?

    Yes. If you listen to music via mobile internet of another smartphone (mobile hotspot/tethering), traffic won`t regard the Music freedom™ and will be charged.

  • Will I be able to use Music freedom™ in roaming?

    Music freedom™ works only in Kyivstar network. When you travel outside Ukraine, you are under the terms and conditions of roaming services.

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