Roaming in US Virgin Islands

No need to connect roaming. Call your folks, send SMS and freely use internet, unlim Viber and WhatsApp as soon as you cross the border. Beneficial Kyivstar rates start to act immediately.

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Roaming prices in US Virgin Islands

Calls (UAH/min) Internet (UAH/Mb) SMS UAH/pt
  US Virgin Islands 2,50 0,5 1,00
Fee for the package is removed services in day use Check the balance of minutes, SMS and MB in a day *106*1*2#
10 minutes 25,00 UAH
100 MBs 50,00 UAH
25 SMS 25,00 UAH

The US Virgin Islands is a group of islands in the Caribbean Sea, a dependent territory of the United States. They are part of the Virgin Islands (which also includes the British Virgin Islands). The largest are the islands: St. Thomas, St. John, Santa Cruz.
It borders with Puerto Rico in the west and the British Virgin Islands in the northeast, it is washed by the Atlantic Ocean from the north and the Caribbean Sea from the south.
Capital: Charlotte Amalie
The largest cities are Charlotte Amalie
Tropical sea, trade-wind, warm and very even. The average monthly temperature fluctuates slightly during the year - from + 22-24 ° C in winter to + 28-29 ° C in summer. The diurnal temperature changes can also be traced weakly, regardless of the season. Precipitation falls to 1150 mm per year,
US Dollar (USD)

Tariffs are indicated inclusive all taxes and fees. Under the statement "roaming is available to everyone" should be understood that the roaming rates, which took force 12.12.2018, are available to all subscribers, except corporate, and valid in all appropriate countries automatically without needing to order any services.

Services are provided as bundles of minutes, SMS, and megabytes. You can use minutes for incoming calls from any numbers, also for outgoing calls to the country you are in and Ukrainian numbers. You can send SMS to the country you are in and Ukrainian numbers. More about roaminghere.

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Rates and services abroad: *106#

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Text messages in Viber and WhatsApp - free of charge

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Unlim messengers in roaming

Communication in roaming becomes easier. Text to your friends and relatives in Viber and WhatsApp without tariffication and using megabytes.

The special offer takes effect if:
You are in the country of the first or second tariff zone Successfully ordered package of megabytes by the roaming terms
Please note. The special offer is valid till 23:59:59 (by Kyiv time) when the package was ordered or used all megabytes from a package.