Roaming in Martinique

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Roaming prices in Martinique

Calls (UAH/min) Internet (UAH/Mb) SMS UAH/pt
  Martinique 5,00 1,00 1,00
Fee for the package is removed services in day use Check the balance of minutes, SMS and MB in a day *106*1*2#
5 minutes 25,00 UAH
50 MBs 50,00 UAH
25 SMS 25,00 UAH

Martinique is an island in the Caribbean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean. Administratively it is the overseas region of France. The island of Martinique is one of the Lesser Antilles, a group of Windward Islands. It is washed by the waters of the Caribbean Sea in the south and west, and by the Atlantic Ocean in the north and east. The total area of ​​the territory is about 1,100 square meters. Km.
Martinique was one of the first islands developed by the Spaniards. The indigenous population of the island was almost completely destroyed by the colonialists, and instead of the rebellious Indians slaves from Africa were brought in. However, the Negroes did not differ perseverance on the plantations and constantly made shoots. The Spaniards found an original way out - they brought cobra to the island, which multiplied in swamps in huge quantities, and attempts to get beyond the fences of civilization became even more dangerous. The snakes have multiplied to such an extent that they have caused inconvenience to the colonialists. However, killing snakes was much more difficult than dissolving. The output was the breeding of mongooses from India, the natural enemies of snakes.
Lies between Dominica in the north and Saint Lucia in the south.
Capital: Fort-de-France.
The largest cities are Fort-de-France.
Tropical trade-wind, sea. The average annual temperature is about +26 ° С. The "coldest" one is January (about +22 ° C). The climatic rhythm determines the change of two seasons - the dry season ("karem"), lasting from December to May, and the "hivernage" season, warmer and wetter, lasting from July to October. The local climate is characterized by high humidity - from 80% (March) to 87% (September-October)
GMT -4: 00
The official language is French, but his local dialect "patois" (French Creole) remains largely colloquial.

Tariffs are indicated inclusive all taxes and fees. Under the statement "roaming is available to everyone" should be understood that the roaming rates, which took force 12.12.2018, are available to all subscribers, except corporate, and valid in all appropriate countries automatically without needing to order any services.

Services are provided as bundles of minutes, SMS, and megabytes. You can use minutes for incoming calls from any numbers, also for outgoing calls to the country you are in and Ukrainian numbers. You can send SMS to the country you are in and Ukrainian numbers. More about roaminghere.

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