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Roaming in Vietnam

No need to connect roaming. Call your folks, send SMS and freely use internet
as soon as you cross the border. Beneficial Kyivstar rates start to act
No additional configuration!

How it works

Roaming prices in Vietnam

Calls (UAH/min) Internet (UAH/Mb) SMS UAH/pt
  Vietnam 4,00 0,60 1,00
Fee for the package is removed services in day use Check the balance of minutes, SMS and MB in a day *106*1*2#
15 minutes 60 UAH
100 MBs 60 UAH
25 SMS 25 UAH

Capital: Hanoi
Country area: 329625 km 2
Part of the world: Asia
Phone code: + 84

During the visit to Vietnam, no matter what aim or duration, you need to stay in touch with your dearest and nearest. During the visit to Hanoi, Bắc Giang, Bắc Ninhor an other location you will be shifted to roaming zone and be able to connect to one of the mobile operators, which are Kyivstar partners.

The rates are all taxes included. Under the statement "roaming is available to everyone" means that roaming tariffs that came into force 26.07.2017, Available to all subscribers except corporate networks and operate in certain countries automatically, without having to request any service.

Any questions from Kyivstar services while traveling? mail us at Viber

Rates and services abroad: *106#

Useful roaming services

Replenish account in roaming

Forgot to top up before a journey? No problem! Pay with card at any time – directly from your phone.



Save on calls in a roaming. Call to Ukraine without payment for connection on the special low tariffs.


Call me back

You're always online! Just send a short request to call you back to any subscriber of any Ukrainian mobile operator.


Extra money

Now you can use the bonus account balance of Extra money to pay for calls, messages and mobile internet abroad.


Kyivstar Help roaming

You do not need to wait in line, and the call has preferential tariff.


Add money to my account

You can inform your relatives, friends or acquaintances of the need to replenish its account, regardless of the status of your account!



The Trustee service allows controlling money, regulating spendings as well as topping-up the balance in time.


Divert at a distance

The Remote Divert service shall allow you launch calls diversion for your phone number when you don’t have access to your phone.


Reserve SIM-card

Thanks to a Reserve SIM Card service you have an additional SIM card for your subscriber number, which you can immediately activate when you lose or damage your main SIM card.


Satellite Communication System

The Thuraya Ukraine Company provides satellite telephone services all over Ukraine and in 110 countries of Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa.