Call me back


You always keep in touch: even if you have not enough money on your account to make a call.

The service alows you to send a request to call you back to any Ukrainian operator‘s customers even if you have zero account balance. You can receive a free incoming roaming call from any Kyivstar customer as well.

Service Opportunities

Via the Please, Call me Back service the customers can send free of charge notice to the other customer asking him to call back.

For example: *130*380ХХХХХХХХХ#

380ХХ ХХХ ХХ ХХ — the number of customer you need to contact

The customer can send a message with a request to call back to the phone numbers of all Ukrainian operators.

The service is provided both in Ukraine and in the roaming.

Usage Instructions

Using the service in Ukraine:

Please, dial the following digits combination *130*380ХХХХХХХХХ#, 380ХХ ХХХ ХХ ХХ— the number of customer you need to contact..

For example: You dialed *130*38067ХХХХХХХ#, then the customer with the number 067ХХХХХХХshall get the SMS-message with a request to call back to your phone number. At the same time you shall receive the SMS-message, which shall inform you about the successful request delivery to the chosen customer. The only thing you need is to wait for the call!

Using the service abroad:

If you send *130*38067ХХХХХХХ#request while being abroad to the Kyivstar phone number, then the customer, who’s received your “Please,call me back” request, shall dial 819 before your phone number. So the call shall be charged for the person who performs it, that is for you being abroad this call shall be free.

For example: if your phone number is 067 ХХХ ХХ ХХand the separate group tariff plans with code 068 NDC customer wants to call you when you’re in the roaming, the separate group tariff plans with code 068 NDC customer shall dial 819 38067 ХХХ ХХ ХХ in order the call to be paid by the initiator.

Please note:In the roaming Kyivstar customers can identify the incoming call, dialed by the 819 code without any mistakes. The incoming call shall be performed from the number +380672222000. Please, remember this phone number, the incoming calls from it are free of charge for you wherever you are. In order to manage the format of this number displaying please use the following commands:

  • *130*1#- Activation of the actual number displaying mode
  • *130*2#- Activation of the service number +380672222000 displaying mode
  • *130*3#- Number displaying status checking

Please, note: Only Kyivstar customers can call you via the network code 819. If you, staying in the roaming, receive incoming calls from customers of Vodafone, Lifecell, Intertelecom or Ukrainian Telesystems, the calls shall be charged according to the roaming incoming calls tariff rates depending on the region where you are.

To get the information about the format of Please, Call me Back service request you can dial *130#on your mobile phone and press the call key. In a few seconds you shall see a following message on you mobile phone display: “Dlia korystuvannia poslugoiu ‘Peredzvony meni’ naberitъ’ zapyt u formati: *130*380XXXXXXXXX(nomer abonenta)#vyklyk”. You can save the *130#combination in your Contact list and use it whenever necessary.

Pay attention!

Be careful when you receive «call me back» messages from unknown numbers.

Information about outgoing calls can be used by fraudsters to replace the SIM card or other fraud.


The first 8 requests per calendar month are not charged; starting from the ninth on each request shall cost UAH 0.10 including all taxes and fees. The number of “Please, call me back” requests is unlimited for the customers within Ukraine. In the roaming the fee for sending requests is not charged. The maximum number of requests is 50.

Tariff rate per minute call via the code 819 is 15.00 UAH including VAT. The Pension Fund fee in the amount of 7.5 % of the service cost is additionally charged excluding VAT. Tarification is rated per second starting from the 1 second of each conversation.


The service is provided automatically. Service connection and disconnection are not provided.