Number Renovation

You can reactivate the number, which has been blocked after its expiry. Reactivation is possible within 31 calendar days from the date of lock.


Thanks to Number Reactivation service you don’t worry that your number will be removed from service. At the same time you keep the subscriber experience, all the services and promotions of your number.

How to reactivate the number

  1. Call 0 800 300 466 or contact the nearest Kyivstar shop.
  2. State:
    • phone number, which will be reactivated
    • serial number of SIM-card (available on the back of the card).
  3. Top-up your account after 30 minutes, but not later than 7 days after you apply for the number reactivation. Top-up via scratch cards or Other Subscriber’s Balance Top Up from Your Mobile Phone. Before top-up reregister your phone in the network ( turn off and on again)

You can reactivate the number not more than three times during the period of its service.

Cost of service

Cost of Number Reactivation service is 15.94 UAH including all taxes.

Have Kyivstar number but didn’t use it for a long time? You can reactivate your number, even if it was cancelled or closed.


Due to Number Reactivation service, you keep the history of service in Kyivstar network and receive a discount via Kyivstar Club gratitude program, as if you didn’t stop using this number.

How to reactivate the number

  • Just come to one of the Kyivstar shops. Do not forget to have your passport and your tax ID number with you. Legal entities will need to provide the following documents to our experts.
  • With number reactivation you can also choose contract or business price plans, which are available for connection.

Terms & conditions

  • At the time of reactivation, this number must not be used by another subscriber.
  • Not more than three years have passed since the date of number cancellation (for numbers, which have migrated from the prepaid to the contract, no more than three months).
  • If account has debt at the time of number reactivation, it’s necessary to pay it off.
  • The service is currently not available for Kyivstar subscribers with NDC 068 code.


  • Free of charge, if not more than 90 days have passed since the moment of cancellation.
  • If more than 90 days have passed since the moment of any number cancellation, it can be reactivated with connection to Exclusive Number paid service.

Rates are inclusive of all taxes and fees.