Protection of your phone

Using your smartphone heavily and worry that you may break it or lose it?

Activate “Zahyst mobilnogo” (Mobile guard) service on your smartphone and get your money compensated for fixing broken screen, water damage and other non-warranty breakdowns or obtain money payment to buy a new one in case of its loss or theft.


There are two available packages:

  • “Loss” – 3.6 UAH/week;
  • “Loss + Damage” – 12.95 UAH/week.


The first package guarantees protection of the phone in case of theft or loss, the compensation amount is UAH 2000, including UAH 200 for the protection of a mobile account. The second provides also insurance against the phone damage, such as broken screen, and the compensation amount is 3500 UAH, including 500 UAH for the protection of a mobile account.

Activate service on or send SMS to number 5888 with ‘1’ in the text of SMS to protect your phone against its loss or theft. In order to additionally protect your phone against non-warranty damages send ‘1’ in the text of SMS to number 6888.