Postponed contract connection

You have time but don't have documents at the moment? Become a contract subscriber now, you can bring necessary package of documents later.

How to use the service?

Just visit one of Kyivstar stores and make a connection to the new number or the transition of the existing number to the contract on your new number. Your number will be activated after the top up of the account on the sum that is enough for the first fee.

How does it work?

  • You choose the tariff plan and get a SIM-card at the closest Kyivstar store.
  • Within 35 days, from the moment of activation of the new number and the transition to the contract, we will look forward to you at any Kyivstar shop — bring the original of necessary package of documents for us to complete the drawing up of documents. You will get a few reminding SMS with the list of documents and the expiration date.
  • Please, pay attention! If you will not provide the documents the number service will be suspended for 31 days from the moment of the activation/ transition to a contract and on the 36th the number will be canceled.
  • After blocking all services by number (for 31 days from the date of creation of the new number), the subscriber is given another 60 (sixty) days to complete the procedure for processing all contractual documents for the provision of mobile services. At the same time, starting from the 36th day, the restoration of services by number is possible only if there is a technical possibility.

    After 90 days, if the documents have not been provided, the number will be canceled.

Why is it profitable?

Using the service you can become a contract subscriber of Kyivstar when it is comfortable for you or when you are near our store but you do not have the necessary documents with you.

Pay attention! Within 30 days from the moment of an activation/ a transition to contract you can use the mobile services except:

  • calls abroad;
  • outgoing SMS and MMS;
  • roaming;
  • post-payment service (credit programmes: «Trust credit», «Payment Delay»);

Also, it is not available to order for the additional services.

In full, the services will be available on your number the same day as you provide the originals of the necessary package of documents at the Kyivstar store for the completion of the contract.