Number Re-registration

The Number Re-registration service allows to re-registrate the existing subscriber’s number on a new subscriber.

A new subscriber must sign a contract for mobile services of GSM 900 and GSM 1800 standards provisions it is an obligatory condition for the Number Re-registration service.

After that all rights and obligations on this document will be passed to the new subscriber and personal account will be changed. In case of re-registration to a new personal account the subscriber’s service period in the Kyivstar network will be preserved. If the number is re-registered on an existing subscriber his/her service period in Kyivstar network will be the same as service period of personal account to which number is reregistered.

The number re-registration is activated by mutual agreement of the existing and new subscriber at the Customers Service Centre.


The service fee is 100 UAH including all taxes and fees regardless of the number of personal accounts linked to the service.