Benefits of postpaid service

Meet our new Smart plans and discover the wide range of useful services on the most beneficial terms.

  • More features on unlim plans

    Choose any unlim plan among Smart+, Smart Max, Smart Business, Smart Business+ and enjoy the true freedom of high-quality mobile internet.

  • Use now, pay later

    Stay connected even if you did not top up on time. Use mobile services now and pay for them next month with “Postpone payment” option without any fee. *466*35

  • Discount 33% on the tariff to a new smartphone

    Buy a 4G smartphone at or in the nearest Kyivstar store and get a discount 33% on the tariff with the promotion "All simple 10 months". The offer is valid from 02.25.2021 to 12.31.2021 for tariffs Smart +, Smart Max, Smart Business and Smart Business +.

  • Credit of trust for new customers

    Running out of money and can't charge your account? As a new customer, you will get a credit of trust which equals the amount of your monthly fee. From the third month of service you become a member of the Payment delay program allowing to use mobile services now and pay for them later.

  • Kyivstar Family

    Save your money as a family by connecting your relatives' numbers to a shared account with a favorable Kyivstar Family plan.

  • Smart SIM

    Get an additional SIM card for the internet, second phone or device with a list of Smart SIM services.

  • Convenient cost planning

    We charge the monthly fee every day in equal parts, so you can top up for any amount and whenever convenient while you get your monthly package of services at once.

  • Personalized support

    When you choose postpaid connection you can enjoy our prime service: your calls to our support get the top priority with an individual approach to solving your issues.

  • Free SIM card for new customers

    Start a new connection with any Kyivstar 4G plan and get you SIM card for free.

  • Postponed contract connection

    Become a contract subscriber of Kyivstar when it is comfortable for you or when you are near our store but you do not have the necessary documents with you.

Simple connection

Our team is looking forward to meet you at the closest Kyivstar store. We are happy to tell you more about the benefits of postpaid service and help you to pick and connect the best plan.

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