Static IP-address

The service is valid until February 18.02.19 (inclusive).

The service is provided only for contract subscribers.

A Static IP-address service will allow you to get an IP address that is used for addressing computers, PDA, telephones in the Internet network as well as to get safe access to closed resources, local network and financial servers.


  • Possessing the static IP-address means that each time you log on to your computer, you are given the same IP-address.
  • Safe access to closed resources is provided.
  • While accessing the Internet by means of GPRS/EDGE and UMTS technologies (upon switching from one technology to another) using one Internet service (access point) your static address will not change.


This service provides you the possibility:

  • to visit information resources with limited access where a user is identified according to the IP address (corporate networks and mail servers);
  • to create your own web server and exchange information within your own virtual networks (Ethernet networks);
  • to transfer money and manage your account through remote access to bank payment system.


The Static IP address service is available for the subscribers who have activated one of the following Internet services:

  • Internet GPRS/EDGE;
  • Mobile Internet XL.

While ordering the service it is necessary to indicate for which service the IP address will be set up:

  • The static IP-address for the Internet GPRS/EDGE service;
  • The static IP-address for the Mobile Internet XL service.

One static IP address can be designated only for one active Internet service. You cannot order one IP address for two or more Internet services at the same time.

You can order separate IP-addresses for each Internet service at once.

For each active Internet service a subscriber can order only one static IP-address.

For the main SIM card and additional SIM card (SIM for second phones) there will be the same IP-address. At the simultaneous access to the Internet network the static IP-address will be given to that SIM card that got connected first. The other SIM will not be able to connect with Internet network.

Provided one Internet service was deactivated, the static IP address designated for it is turned off automatically.

Please, note: the service for which the Static IP Address was ordered will not be active abroad. Before going to another country it is recommended to turn off the Static IP Address service for correct service use.


You can set up the service and change the current IP address following the answering machine instructions at 477*24*or by means of My Kyivstarself-servicing system.

To use the service you don't need to make additional settings.


Service connection is free of charge.

Price for using the service consists of monthly subscription fee — 30 UAH.

The subscription fee is charged the next day after service connection for the whole calendar month, and then — at the beginning of every calendar month.

The fee for changing of the IP address — 10 UAH.

All the tariffs are indicated in UAH incl. VAT. The Pension Fund fee in the amount of 7.5 % of the service cost is additionally charged excluding VAT.