Varied Bill Monthly

Due to the "Varied Bill Monthly" service you have a possibility to receive a printed version of pay-sheet with full and structured information about your calls during finished business period for every number registered on your personal account. This pay-sheet will be included to your monthly bill.

The service is assigned for those clients, who have more than one number registered on their personal account.

Please note:

the "Varied Bill Monthly" service is not recommended for the customers who have only one number registered on the personal account.

Service Connected

To activate the "Varied Bill Monthly" service, please, refer to nearest Customers Service Center and submit an application form. Also it is possible to connect the service via the "My Kyivstar" self-service system ("Services and special offers" option).

If you have several numbers on personal account, it is possible to order service both for all numbers and for selected numbers only.


Service activation is free of charge.

PlanCost, UAH/mo
For business and corporate customers on corporate plans and postpaid customers (natural persons) on plans Kyivstar Online+, Kyivstar 4G 2018, Kyivstar 4G Ultra 2018, Kyivstar Family 2018, Kyivstar 4G Simple, Kyivstar 4G Simple+, Kyivstar 4G, Kyivstar 4G Extra, Kyivstar 4G Extra+, Kyivstar 4G Ultra, Kyivstar 4G Business, Kyivstar 4G Business Premium та Kyivstar 4G Business VIP, Kyivstar Family, Simple, mart, Smart+, Smart Max, Smart Business, Unlim+, Smart Business+, Smart Premium, Internet for parents 2020, Calls for parents 2020, Internet for parents, Calls for parents, IoT 12 NP, IoT 15, IoT 20, IoT 35, IoT 55, IoT 100, IoT 200, IoT 4500,00
For postpaid customers (natural persons) on other plans10,00

If the service is activated for several numbers on your personal account, each of them will be charged.

All the tariffs are indicated in UAH incl. VAT. The Pension Fund fee in the amount of 7.5 % of the service cost is additionally charged excluding VAT.