Automatic account replenishment

Do not worry anymore that you forgot to top-up your account on time - activate auto payment.

How it works

  • On the website choose the type of autopayment
  • Enter the required amount and time of payment
  • Indicate the bank card from which the amount will be withdrawn
  • Your account will be replenished automatically

What are the types of auto-replenishment

  • Monthly autopayment. Your account is replenished on the same day every month.

For example, you have home internet from Kyivstar. Set up automatic replenishment of your personal account at the end of each month and don't worry about being offline.

  • Scheduled autopayment. Your account is replenished in the specified number of days.

For example, you are a prepaid subscriber. Set up automatic replenishment every 4 weeks for the amount of your tariff and get bonuses for timely payment.

  • Autopayment on balance ceiling. Your account is replenished when it is less than the specified amount.

For example, you are a prepaid subscriber. Set automatic top-up for UAH 50 when your account has less than UAH 5 to stay in touch. In the same way, you can automatically top up accounts of your family and friends.


Why is it worth setting up autopayment

  • Saves time and money. The account is replenished automatically and without commission.
  • Flexible settings. Choose the amount and schedule of payments.
  • All services at once. You can pay for mobile communications, home internet, television and other additional services.
  • Bonuses. Don't miss extra minutes or megabytes for timely replenishment, if provided in your tariff.
  • Care for your kith and kin. Top up accounts of your family and friends.


How to set up auto payment

You can activate, check the status or disable autopayment on the website by selecting the auto replenishment section.



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