Personal Рassword

Personal Password allows you to simplify and accelerate delivery of some client support services, which require preliminary identification and thus time consuming data collation processes (PUK code recovery, temporary suspension/ reactivation of the phone number for prepaid subscribers).

From now on, instead of providing information about calls, payments, etc. you just need to give your personal password!

For example, if you want to restore the PUK codes to unlock your SIM card (in case it was blocked after you have entered incorrect PIN codes), you just need to give your personal password to a company consultant, or call 477 from your or any other Kyivstar network number and following given instructions enter your personal password and obtain your PUK code or request SMS with it.

Terms of service

Personal password must contain 4 digits.

You can activate the service by:


Restrictions of use

  • You can change password maximum 3 times (by any of methods) during a calendar month.
  • If in the course of changing password the subscriber provided invalid old password 3 times the service will be automatically deactivated.
  • After the service has been deactivated (irrespective of whether a subscriber has deactivated it or it has been deactivated after the password has been inputted incorrectly three times) its reactivation is possible only starting from the 1st day of the next calendar month.

The Personal Password service will be deactivated in the following circumstances:

  • SIM card has been changed (for all subscribers).
  • Phone number has been deactivated.
  • A contract subscriber has been reregistered.
  • A subscriber has migrated from contract to prepaid service or vice versa.
  • At instigation of a subscriber.

If a contract subscriber’s phone number has been changed the Personal Password will be attached to the new number.


Personal Password service is not charged.