Fax to E-mail

The "Fax to E-mail" service will enable you to receive fax messages to your e-mail address.


  • convenience: an access to your personal mailbox is enough for viewing fax message;
  • saving money: reducing costs for consumables and fax machine services;
  • confidentiality: any risk of falling printed documents into the wrong hands is ruled out;
  • mobility: fax messages can be received wherever and whenever is possible, and you do not have to be near the fax machine;
  • ecological compatibility: no paper is wasted, since you receive the scanned information;
  • time-saving: quick distribution of the received faxes to the executive.

Examples of Usage

  • You can promptly receive the fax being either on a business trip or at home;
  • It is impossible to purchase and keep a stationary fax machine;
  • When moving to a new office, you do not need to change your fax number;
  • You do not need to purchase the fax machine, when you use it occasionally;
  • Mobile office.

Service Opportunities

  • Changing the e-mail address whereto faxes will come.
  • Changing the fax number in case of need.
  • Receiving SMS notifications as to the receipt of new fax messages.

Usage Instructions

  • When making a call to the additional fax number, the caller will hear your greeting and proposal to send the fax message after the signal.
  • When the fax message is sent, the user of the Fax to E-mail service will receive a special SMS message from the KYIVSTAR number.
  • To check your additional fax number, e-mail address whereto faxes come, and the code to resume unconditional forwarding of incoming faxes, please dial *133# . In response, you will receive the SMS message with complete information. Sending request to *133# and the appropriate SMS message are free of charge.
  • If you activated the service and canceled all types of forwarding using the telephone menu, then in order to resume the service availability, you have to set unconditional fax forwarding to the special service number +380672071202 on your own.
  • If you are connected to the SIM for second phone service, then having received confirmation on activating the Fax to E-mail service, you should do two sequential operations:
  • "activate" the basic SIM card by dialing the combination *107# then dial a special GSM code: **21*+380672071202*13#.


We do not charge activation fee for this service. Please find detailed pricing it the table below.

PlanAdditional fax number
activation, UAH
Email address change, UAHMonthly fee, UAH
Business Office VIP, Business Оffice Premium, Kyivstar 4G Business Premium, Kyivstar 4G Business VIP, Smart Business+, Smart Premium000
Kyivstar Online+, Unlim, Kyivstar 4G Extra, Kyivstar 4G Extra+ 2018, Kyivstar Family 2018, Kyivstar 4G Simple, Kyivstar 4G Simple+, Kyivstar 4G, Kyivstar 4G Extra, Kyivstar 4G Extra+, Kyivstar 4G Ultra, Kyivstar 4G Business, Kyivstar Family, Simple, Smart, Smart+, Smart Max, Smart Business, Smart Region, Internet for parents 2020, Calls for parents 2020, Internet for parents, Calls for parents303030
Other plans26.5610.6310.63

All the tariffs are indicated incl. all taxes and fees.


The service can be connected by a coordinator or any other authorized person.

To connect the "Fax to E-mail" service, it is necessary:

  • To have the registered e-mail address;
  • To activate the additional number for receiving fax messages (for this purpose it is necessary to fill in an appropriate application in the My Kyivstar system or at the nearest Customers Service Centre with the organization’s due power of attorney and the identity paper);
  • To submit the application for service connection (in the "My Kyivstar" system or at the nearest Customers service Centre) and indicate e-mail address.
  • You will be informed about service connection by SMS message.
  • The "Fax to E-mail" service being activated, the forwarding of incoming faxes from the additional fax number to the special number, +380672071202 becomes automatically available.