SMS Homewards

Starting from the 1st of June 2008 the Global Message Services Ukraine introduced an innovative service SMS Homewards for all Kyivstar network subscribers.

Service Description

SMS Homewards is the service that allows mobile users to send text (SMS) messages to fixed—line subscribers in Ukraine.

Fixed—line subscribers receive SMS messages as incoming voice messages to their fixed terminals.

SMS messages sent to fax machines are delivered as facsimile.

SMS messages can be sent in Ukrainian as well as in Russian or English languages.

In order for the SMS message to be successfully delivered the number of the fixed line subscriber must be entered in the international format (+380 ХХ ХХХ ХХХХ).

If the user’s line is busy or call is not answered then the system will make a number of attempts to pass the message on. Attempts will be performed within the period of 48 hours excluding the nighttime (20:00 — 08:00) when the SMS2Voice message delivery is blocked.

The length of one SMS message is 160 Latin symbols or 70 Cyrrilic symbols. If the SMS length exceeds the indicated symbols number, it will be broken into a few text messages, which will be delivered to the fixed—line user within a single outcall.

To make sure that the SMS is correctly converted into a voice message:

  1. Insert blanks between words.
  2. Avoid shortenings.
  3. Write a phone number in the following format: +380 ХХ ХХХ ХХ ХХ; ХХХ ХХ ХХ; ХХХ — ХХ — ХХ
  4. Do not use symbols of both Cyrillic and Roman alphabets in one word
  5. Do not use digits for writing words
  6. Avoid unprintable vocabulary (obscene language)
  7. Avoid using several languages in a single message

Also, please, remember the following:

Words which have the same spelling but different pronunciation (probably, different stress) may sound incorrectly.

The language of the message can be defined by putting the following prefixes into a message body prior to the text of the message.

  • "E:" — English
  • "R:" — Russian (transliteration)
  • "Р:" — Russian
  • "U:" — Ukrainian (transliteration)
  • "У:" — Ukrainian

For example: "E: Hi! How are you?"

Voice messages will not be delivered to the direct numbers of Kyivstar subscribers.


The fee for 1 message delivery via SMS Homewards is 6.00 UAH + the fee for one SMS delivery depending on the subscriber’s tariff plan (including VAT; additional Pension fund fee is 7.5% of service cost excluding VAT).

For more details, please, call (044) 373 69 10 (24 hrs).