Call Divert

Call Divert will help you stay in touch wherever you are and not miss any important call. With this service you can divert your incoming calls to another number when you are busy, cannot take a call or when you are out of the Kyivstar coverage area.

You can divert incoming calls, for example, to landline phone or other mobile phone, to any phone abroad or to your Autoresponder (Autoresponder service) for receiving voice messages.

 Terms of service

This service is available for subscribers with all tariffs free of charge.

There are four types of call divert:

  • Unconditional call diverts (all calls are diverted).
    Every incoming call is diverted to a number of your choice automatically. At that, your mobile phone does not perform a call. The service is active when your phone is turned off as well. Unconditional call divert cancels all the other call divert modes. To start receiving incoming calls again cancel call divert.
  • In case of no response.
    This type of call divert means that if you do not respond to the incoming call for some time the call will be automatically diverted to the preliminary selected phone number.
  • When your phone is turned off or out of the coverage area.
    Call divert when a subscriber is inaccessible means that when your phone is turned off or out of the Kyivstar coverage area every incoming call will be automatically diverted to other phone numbers. When you are back to the network coverage area or when you turn your phone on incoming calls start to come to your mobile phone again.
  • When the line is busy.
    Call divert when the line is busy means that when you talk to somebody and you have Call Waiting service inactivated, instead of busy tone incoming call will be automatically diverted to the preliminary selected phone number.

Please, note:

  • Prepaid customers in roaming can only use unconditional call divert of all incoming calls to the number you have chosen.
  • Subscribers of the contract form of service can use the service "Call Forwarding" in roaming without restrictions, while for the installation and operation of the call forwarding, the subscriber must be connected to outgoing services in roaming (calls and SMS). For the service to be provided in roaming, the balance on the account must be higher than the threshold for disabling services by number.

All call divert types can be set via a menu of your phone.

Some phones support additional types of call divert:

  • fax call divert;
  • data transmission divert.

 How to use the service

You can adjust Call Divert service as follows:

  • in your mobile phone's menu (menu item may be titled “Call Divert”, “Call Forwarding”) you have to select divert type and input the phone number, to which calls will be diverted;
  • with the help of "My Kyivstar" system. You must select the section Services / Connected Services / Service Management / Call Forwarding - select the type of forwarding and enter a phone number (only numbers of the network "Kyivstar"), to which calls will be forwarded.


  • by means of special control commands (dial a command and press the call button):
Call divert typeCommands
Call divert
(general commands)
Cancel all call diverts:##002#
Cancel all conditional call diverts: ##004#
Enable all conditional call diverts: **004*Number#
Unconditional call divert
(all calls)
Cancel* unconditional call divert: ##21#
Disable** unconditional call divert: #21#
Set and activate*** unconditional call divert: **21*Number#
Enable unconditional call divert: *21#
Check unconditional call divert status: *#21#
No Response call divertCancel* No Response call divert: ##61#
Disable** No Response call divert: #61#
Set and activate*** No Response call divert: **61*Number#
Enable No Response call divert: *61#
Check No Response call divert status: *#61#
Inaccessibility call divertCancel* Inaccessibility call divert: ##62#
Disable** Inaccessibility call divert: #62#
Set and activate*** Inaccessibility call divert: **62*Number#
Enable Inaccessibility call divert: *62#
Check Inaccessibility call divert status: *#62#
Line Is Busy call divertCancel* Line Is Busy call divert: ##67#
Disable** Line Is Busy call divert: #67#
Set and activate*** Line Is Busy call divert: **67*Number#
Enable Line Is Busy call divert: *67#
Check Line Is Busy call divert status: *#67#
Setting No Response call divert delay timeDelete previous setup: ##61#
Set delay time for N=5..30 seconds: **61*Number**N#
While setting No Response call divert you can set delay time in seconds, during which the system allows you to accept a call. If during this time you fail to accept the call it will be diverted.
Example: **61*+38067 ххххххх**30# — delay time is set for 30 seconds

* A number, to which call divert was set will be deleted.

** A number, to which call divert was set will be stored in the system.

*** “Set” means to input to the system a number, to which a call will be diverted. “Activate” means to activate call divert to the number mentioned above.


This service is not charged additionally. Every minute of diverted call is charged according to outgoing call pricing depending on call type and divert direction (mobile/ within Ukraine/ abroad).

Call Divert service is provided when you are in roaming as well. If you enable unconditional call divert (all calls), the price will be as if you are making outgoing call within Ukraine according to your tariff.

If you use conditional call divert when roaming, diverted call is charged as incoming roaming call and as outgoing diverted roaming call. That is why we recommend carefully checking all divert types set on your mobile phone before you go abroad.