Notify me

Someone you are calling is offline or busy? Get an SMS when they come online or end a call with the Notify me service.

How it works

The message will come from the number of the subscriber you called.

If the person is still on hold in 15 minutes after your call, you will be notified.

Please note. The service is available only for subscribers with 067, 068, 096, 097, 098 prefixes.

How to use

Notify me service is activated for all Kyivstar subscribers automatically, you don't need to set it up. You can manage the service:

You will receive an SMS when your request is executed.

Functions Day mode, Line is free, Notify about me

TitleHow it worksHow to manage
Day modeReceive SMS only from 07:00 to 23:00. The Notify me service will be deactivated from 23:00 to 07:00. The messages which should have arrived during this period, you will receive in the morning from 07:00
  • via My Kyivstar
  • by calling the number 477*711 (calls from Kyivstar numbers are not charged)
via USSD-requests:
Line is freeReceive SMS about the end of the call if the person was busy
Notify about meInform other Kyivstar subscribers that you are back on network

You will receive an SMS when your request is completed.

How much does it cost

You can use the Notify me service and the Notify about me, Line free, and Daytime mode functions for free.