Promo menu

Promo menu it’s a service on SIM card settings, where you can find interesting content and current offers from Kyivstar. It could be latest news, video, Java games and so on.

How it works

  • The service doesn’t need to be installed. Brief announcements will appear on the screen of your phone after incoming and outgoing calls.
  • In teasers you will get promo offers on news and other content, and its cost will be shown right there. Currently you may receive up to five teasers per one calendar month.

How to use

  • To order promo offers or subscribe to a daily newsletter, click "OK" on a text teaser, and then confirm your order again in a new tab. If you do not want to order promo, just click "Cancel".
  • A complete list of teasers that you’ve recently received or will receive, can be found in the archive of messages.
  • Detailed information is available in the SIM-menu of your phone in the section "Promo". In this section you can also configure the service and find a list of available offers to order.

Cost of service

  • Receive and review titles or announcements for free!
  • You pay only the cost of promo offers, which will be specified in the announcement for each offer. The cost of promo offers is fixed by content providers.

Who Can Activate the Service

The service is available to all customers for both prepaid and contract connection, who are using a new standard SIM card – 64-Kb SIM.