Pay for Me

The Pay for Me service allows you to place outcoming calls at the expense of the customer you are calling to if there are enough costs on his account balance.

Service Possibilities

You can use the Pay for Me service regardless of costs amount on your account. In such a case before dialing a number dial a prefix <816>, and after the prefix dial the recipient's number in the format: 380ХХХХХХХХХ.

For example:816380ХХХХХХХХХ and the call button,

where ХХХХХХХХХ is the area code and number of the customer you are calling to.

If you are trying to make a call to another Kyivstar customer but your account balance is insufficient for that, you will be automatically offered to use the Pay for Me service. If you agree the autoinformant will tell you to press "1" on your mobile phone and offer to wait for connection.

The customer you are calling to will see on his mobile phone display an incoming call and icon of "Call Forwarding" (if the phone supports this function). After receiving a call he will hear a voice message with the offer to answer the call and pay for it.

If the customer is agree to answer the call and pay for it, he should press the "1" button on his mobile phone.

If the customer does not agree to answer the call and pay for it, he should press the refuse call button.

The number must be dialed in the format: +380 XXXXXXXXX or XXXXXXXXX or 0XXXXXXXXX.

The Pay for Me service may be very handful in many cases, for example:

  • you can always pay for calls received from your children or elderly parents; all you have to do is to enter your phone number in the phonebook of your loved ones in the following format: 816 + operator code + number;
  • when your call is more important for the customer you are calling to;
  • when your account has insufficient balance to make calls, but you have to make an urgent call to communicate the important information, and many other.

An important feature of this service is that the called party will be notified about incoming collect call, and will have a choice of accepting or rejecting this call.

Service Provision Conditions

The service can be used by all existing and new customers of Kyivstar network.

Please note: This service may be available only if both the calling and called parties are Kyivstar mobile network customers located within the home network at the time of making the call via the Pay for Me service.

  • This service is NOT available, if the mobile phone of the calling party is connected to Kyivstar mobile network, but the called party:
    • is NOT a Kyivstar customer (is a customer of other Ukrainian or foreign mobile or landline communication operators);
    • is in the roaming;
    • has activated the Call Forwarding service.

The service is not provided if the customer who initiates the conversation has exceeded the maximum number of unsuccessful attempts per day (5) to make a call to other customers using the "Pay for me" service. An attempt that ended with a connection to the called customer or if the number of the called customer was busy are considered successfull. All other attempts are considered unsuccessful.

No additional application for activation of this service is required.


  • If the calling party placing the collect call via “816” prefix has activated the Caller ID Blocking service, the calling party’s number will be displayed on the called party’s phone.


  • The calling party placing the collect call using 816 prefix is NOT charged for this call.
  • The collect calls placed using 816 prefix are charged to the called party’s account as follows:
    • time of listening to autoinformant voice message (offering to accept and pay for, or to reject a call) is not charged;
    • charging starts only after the called party has agreed to accept and pay for the collect call (by pressing «1» on his mobile phone);

The fee for the Pay for Me service using is charged in the amount of 3.00 UAH. Further the call is not paid. The tariff rate includes all the taxes. The fee is charged every time the call is accepted and payment confirmed.