Top up My Account

Basic features

In order to use the service:


  • You can have any balance in your account;
  • To ask about topping up your account dial special command on your phone, which has to include the number of the subscriber whom you ask about topping up you account and press call button:
  • *132*380YYХХХХХХХ#, where YY — Kyivstar network code, ХХХХХХХ — the subscriber’s number;
  • Within several seconds the mentioned subscriber will receive SMS with topping-up request.


The recipient can top up the sender’s account in any convenient way using the following services: Money Transfer, Account Topping-Up via Internet, Topping-up Another Subscriber’s Account, Convenient Amount.

This service is available when you are in roaming as well.

Terms of service

Top-up My Account service is delivered automatically and not intended to be enabled or disabled.

Restrictions of use

You can send up to 2 non-chargeable top-up requests per day, unused daily requests will be canceled. You can send SMS to Kyivstar subscribers only.


Subscribers in Ukraine can send up to 2 non-chargeable requests. In roaming you can send up to 50 non-chargeable requests per month.

The Top-up My Account service allows all Kyivstar subscribers to send the message to another subscriber asking for topping up their account.

You can ask your family members, friends or acquaintances for topping up your account irrespectively of your account’s balance!