30 minutes, 10 minutes and 5 minutes on landline numbers bundle (prepaid)

In the period from 03 to 05 August 2020, the service terminates. If you have already ordered it, you will have a new package "To other networks in Ukraine" with the appropriate number of minutes. If you used this service and another service for calls to other mobile networks at the same time, you will receive a unified 100 minutes to call other mobile and landline numbers of Ukraine. Packages are completely disabled for 5 or 10 minutes.

The service is closed for connection.

Ordering 30, 10 or 5 minutes-bundles for calls to landline numbers you choose the most profitable offer for calls within Ukraine.

Service Provision Conditions

Service name

Monthly minutes allowance for city numbers within Ukraine

Service activation fee, UAH

Monthly subscription fee, UAH

30 Minutes for City Numbers




10 Minutes for City Numbers




5 Minutes for City Numbers




Prices indicated including all fees and taxes.


  • Service is available for prepaid customers only.
  • Simultaneously with the service activation the free minutes allowance is added to your balance and the subscription fee is charged.
  • The minutes allowance is valid for one month starting from the moment of ordering till the next subscription fee charging. For example, the service is ordered and activated April 10, 2014, so the free minutes allowance shall be used till the end of April 09, 2014.
  • You can order service as many times as you wish. Upon the repeat order the unused minutes are cancelled and a new date of planned minutes’ addition is established. In case of disabling the service, unused minutes will be annulled.
  • If at the time of the next withdrawal subscription fee for main account has insufficient funds, then:
    1. Monthly fee will is taken automatically when the account has enough funds (between 00:00 and 03:00).
    2. Attempts to take the fee are produced every day (from 00:00 to 03:00) up to the next scheduled fee.
  • When you re-order services, if the period of validity has not yet passed, the previously accrued and unused minutes are canceled, charged the new amount of minutes (5, 10 or 30) and the validity of the newly set - month. Subsequently, charge minutes and removal of subscription fees will take place on the date of the last order services.
  • The principle of using packet minutes and charging connection fee depends on the conditions of your plan.
  • The minutes allowance can be used only in the territory of Ukraine.


How to Order and Use

To order and manage the service, please use My Kyivstar system or call 477*58. Also you can use one of short numbers below:


  1. To connect use


    • 30 minutes to landline numbers *258*1#
    • 10 minutes to landline numbers *258*10#
    • 5 minutes to landline numbers *258*5#


  2. To disconnect 10 or 5 minutes bundle use *258*0#

  3. To disconnect 30 minutes bundle use *258*2#

  4. To check the balance and validity of the bundle use *149#


Please note. Service is available in plans: Professional, Maximum Unlim 400 (2018), Give More 2018!, Kyivstar Calls 2018, Calls for parents.

If you switch your current tariff to the some of new ones, you will automatically get the package “To Landline Numbers and CDMA”. It includes 30 minutes for calling to landline numbers and CDMA.