"Beeline Russia. 39 kopecks"

The Service can be ordered till 12.12.2013

«Kyivstar» offers the service Beeline Russia. 39 Kopecks to customers served on the basis of contract tariff plans and who actively communicate with customers of the Russian mobile operator Beeline Beeline.


  • Fee 39 kopecks per minute for international calls;
  • no activation fee;
  • no subscription fee.

Activate the service Beeline Russia. 39 Kopecks and call Beeline’s customers in Russia for 39 kopecks per minute!

List of services


Calls to Beeline mobile operator’s customers, Russian Federation, per min., UAH


Connection fee, UAH


All the tariffs are indicated in UAH incl. VAT. The Pension Fund fee in the amount of 7.5 % of the service cost is additionally charged excluding VAT.

Service Activation and Management:

In order to activate the service Beeline Russia. 39 Kopecks you need to call the number of the autoinformer (only within the territory of Ukraine) or send a USSD-request:

Activation / deactivation number:




In order to deactivate the service you need to send a USSD-request *222*0#or dial the number 477*39* (calls from Kyivstar network numbers are not charged).

Terms and Conditions of Service Provision

Per-second billing. It is charged the first second of every call minute according to the stated rate per minute. Call seconds from second one to sixtieth one are not charged.

Service terms and tariffs are valid only for international calls with using of prefixes «+» and «00».

There is no activation fee for the service Beeline Russia. 39 Kopecks.