To other networks in Ukraine

You can connect 30 or 100 extra minutes to your tariff

And use it for calls to:

  1. Vodafone, lifecell and other mobile networks;
  2. landline numbers (for example 044 etc);
  3. CDMA (092, 094).

How much does it cost:

  • 30 minutes — 25 UAH/4 weeks;
  • 100 minutes — 50 UAH/4 weeks.

You can connect:

  • Who can connect the package?
  • How to check how many minutes are left in the package?
  • How the package is paid for and the validity of minutes?
  • How many times can I connect the package?
  • What if I ordered the next package, but the minutes from the previous one are not over?
  • How to disconnect the package?
  • Additional information