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Social Communication

Social Communication

Chat and share thoughts
on included social networks and messengers,
without data charges.

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Available services
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • We are connecting more
    services permanently.

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Facebook is the most popular social network in the world, last year the number of visitors to Facebook for the first time reached the mark of 1 billion people. Facebook allows you to create a profile with a photo and information about yourself, invite friends, send them messages, leave messages on your or other people's pages, create publics. Facebook has been and remains free all over the world.

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Twitter is a social network for public messaging and short posts in a blog format ("microblogging"). Twitter audience worldwide has more than 500 million people. Using social network Twitter is free.

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More about Social Communication

  • What is Social Communication?

    Social Communication offer allows you to chat, share thoughts and get the latest world news whenever you want, with no mobile data restriction. The world’s most popular social networks and messengers are included.

  • How do I know whether there is Social Communication in my price plan?

    Social Communication is invented for active users of 3G superfast internet and is already included in each price plan from the list:


    Unlim Social Nets, Unlim Video, Unlim Social Nets 2017, Unlim Social Nets+ 2017, Unlim Video 2017, Unlim Video+ 2017, Kyivstar Online, Kyivstar Online. Region 1, Kyivstar Online. Region 2, Kyivstar Online +, Kyivstar Online +. Region 1, Kyivstar Online +. Region 2, Kyivstar Online Extra, Kyivstar Online Extra. Region 1, Kyivstar Online Extra. Region 2, Kyivstar Online 2016, Kyivstar Online 2016. Region 1, Kyivstar Online 4G, Kyivstar Online 3G+, Kyivstar 3G Online.


    All for 65, All for 90, All for 110, All for 125, All for 160, All for 175, All for 300, All for VIP, All for VIP Extra

    Kyivstar All together

    Kyivstar All together -50%, Kyivstar All together -50%. Region 1, Kyivstar All together -50%. Region 2, Kyivstar All together -50%. Region 3, Kyivstar All together -40%, Kyivstar All together -40%. Region 1, Kyivstar All together -40%. Region 2, Kyivstar All together -40%. Region 3, Kyivstar All together -30%, Kyivstar All together -30%. Region 1, Kyivstar All together -30%. Region 2, Kyivstar All together -30%. Region 3, Kyivstar All together. Plus 2017, Kyivstar All together. Plus. Region, Kyivstar All together. Smart 2017, Kyivstar All together. Smart. Region, Kyivstar All together. Start, Kyivstar All together. Plus, Kyivstar All together. Smart.


    3G Business 60, 3G Business 120, 3G Business 180, 3G Business 300, 3G Business VIP, 3G Business VIP Extra, 3G Business VIP Premium

    For correct function of Social Communication, restart the phone after activation of the price plan.

    If you are not sure, which price plan you are using now, you can find information on the main page of the system My Kyivstar.

  • Do I have to use mobile applications of social networks and messengers?

    Yes, it matters. If you use unofficial apps or connect with social networks via web browser, traffic is charged. We also would like to aware you that the side content from other sites may be visually similar to content on social networks’ servers. Such traffic from other sources is charged.

    Technical traffic as well as traffic, which is generated by counters, the cookie and banner ads on the pages and applications, are also charged according to the price plan.

  • If there is music or video in social networks and messengers, is the traffic also uncharged?

    Social Communication offer covers only texting and news feeds. If you plan doesn’t include Music freedom™ and Video on the go™ offers, any audio or video streaming is charged in accordance with your plan conditions. If you are interested in unlimited music and video streaming, discover more aboutMusic freedom™ and Video on the go™ offers.

  • Whether traffic is charged if I use another smartphone as a mobile hotspot?

    Yes. If you watch the videos via mobile internet of another smartphone (mobile hotspot/tethering), traffic won`t regard the Social Communication and will be charged.

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