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Tasty Unlim

UAH/4 weeks
3,57 UAH/dayestimated cost
Calls within Kyivstar network
Calls to numbers in Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia, and other mobiles in Ukraine
300 MIN

Payment for services package 100 UAH is charged once per 4 weeks.

The estimated cost is the average cost of services according to a tariff plan per day. It aims to simplify the comparison of different tariff plans conditions for customers. You can find the calculation order here.

Calls to other Ukrainian mobile numbers
(daily 3 packets of 3 minutes) after using the minutes
3,00 UAH/package
Calls to Italian, Polish, Russian, German and Czech numbers1,50 UAH/min
Calls to Ukrainian landline numbers1,50 грн/min
SMS within Ukraine, 10 SMS packages3,00 UAH/package

Extra packs of minutes and SMS can be accrued only if you have been used them. The packs are valid within a day (from 00:00 to 23:59:59).

  • How to activate this plan
  • How tariff is paid
  • Calls abroad, to other mobile and landline numbers within Ukraine
  • Data in tariff
  • How messages are charged
  • Territory of the tariff plan operation
  • How estimated cost is calculated
  • Additional information
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Top-up and get your tariff pack right now

Forgot to pay the tariff on time and received the daily package? Just top-up account and order your usual services package by yourself.

How to order a package by yourself?

There are several ways:

How to top-up an account without commission?

I can’t order the services package. What to do?

This way will not work if you simply run out of tariff megabytes, minutes, SMS, etc. You can order it on your tariff territory if you missed the top-up tariff date and automatically received a daily package (we send SMS about this). And the date of the next payment for the package can be found in the My Kyivstar app or the SMS reminder.