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Direct number

Direct Number is a service enabling you to have a city number and forwarding all the incoming calls to your Kyivstar mobile phone number and also provides a package of 30 unstated minutes for calls from your mobile number to fixed line telephone numbers (city numbers)


Direct Number offers additional advantages to you, your partners, relatives and friends:

  • lower charge for calls made by customers calling you from landline numbers in Ukraine;
  • convenient calls to your number: customers of the city’s landline network in which you activated the direct number may dial your number without dialling the network code (as if they call within the city);
  • call forwarding from the direct number to your mobile number is free of charge;
  • a package of 30 unstated minutes for calls from your mobile number to the fixed line telephone numbers (city numbers) is provided;
  • several direct city numbers can be activated in various cities of Ukraine what secures additional conveniences when receiving calls from various cities of Ukraine;
  • possibility to choose the number: Kyivstar offers numbers to activate the service from its own number fund so that you can choose a number, which is easy to remember (the Number at Choice service);
  • service mobility: you will not miss any call irrespective of your location;
  • use of the direct number will emphasize your care about convenience and reduction in the costs of your partners, relatives, and friends.

Usage Examples

The Direct Number service will be helpful if you need both a mobile and a landline number in one telephone because it guarantees the following:

  • receiving calls from partners and relatives who are unable to make calls from the landline network to mobile phone numbers due to restrictions/blocking or a high cost of calls;
  • permanence of the contact telephone number if you often change the address of your office or a place of residence;
  • the indication of the direct number on your business card or in positioning your advertisement or announcement.

Additional information

  • Using the Direct Number service no additional settings in the customer`s telephone menu are to be applied.
  • Activating several direct numbers without limitation in quantity is possible including several numbers from a numbering capacity of one city.
  • Reactivating a number after a lockout is possible only if there is such a technical possibility (if the number is not engaged by another customer).
  • Activating the Direct Number service a customer also has a possibility to choose a number from the list of the available numbers on the moment of his/her address to the customer service centre or using My Kyivstar service.
  • During calls on your direct number an incoming call is displayed as a forwarded call on the telephone screen (a display mode depends on a mobile phone model).
  • The Direct Number service is provided only to Kyivstar contract customers except for customers with tariff plans «M2M data transfer», «M2M constructor» and customers with the code 068.
  • Today a numbering capacity of the following cities is available: Vinnitsa, Kamenskoye (Dniprodzerzhynsk), Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk), Zhitomir, Zaporozhye, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kiev, Krivoy Rog, Lutsk, Lviv, Mariupol, Nikolaev, Odessa, Poltava, Rivne, Sumy, Ternopil, Uzhgorod, Kharkov, Kherson, Khmelnytsky, Cherkasy, Chernihiv, Chernivtsi.
  • Direct number service includes fixed-line services that are not charged

Tariffs and Payment


Tariffs on Direct Number depends on your tariff plan:

Tariffs for the service for plans Gate, Kyivstar Team, Kyivstar 4G Simple, Kyivstar 4G Simple+, Kyivstar 4G, Kyivstar 4G Extra, Kyivstar 4G Ultra, Kyivstar 4G Business, Smart, Smart+, Smart Max, Smart Business, Unlim+, Simple:

ServiceTariff, UAH
Monthly fee40
Service activation30
Service activation with a choice of a phone number180

Tariffs for the service for plans Kyivstar 4G Business Premium, Kyivstar 4G Business VIP, Smart Business+, Smart Premium:

ServiceTariff, UAH
Monthly fee0
Service activation30
Service activation with a choice of a phone number180

Tariffs for the service for plans 3G Business VIP Premium, Business Office Premium:

ServiceTariff, UAH
Monthly feefree of charge
Activation fee (first time)
Every next time
first numberfree of charge
starting from the first number30
Service activation with a choice of a phone number180

Tariffs for the service for plans haven't mentioned above:

ServiceTariff, UAH
Monthly fee40
Service activation10
Service activation with a choice of phone number180

Tariffs are given with all taxes and fees

What is included in the Direct number service?

If you are connected, you will also receive a package of 30 unstated minutes for calls from your mobile number to fixed line telephone numbers (city numbers).

The first charging 30 package minutes occurs immediately after connecting services further amount of minutes charged the 1st day of each calendar month.

Duration of unpaid minutes - until the last day of the calendar month (up to 23 h 59 min). Unused minutes are cancelled. You can check the balance of untaxed minutes using the *112*1#.

How to Activate

The service is provided in accordance with the Terms of Provision of Telecommunication Services of Private Joint-Stock Company Kyivstar.

In order to connect the Direct Number service, you simply need to apply for the Kyivstar customer service and subscription centre, or apply for an appropriate order using the My Kyivstar self-service system or call the customer service at 466.

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