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IP telephony

Use alternative to the landline telephony – service is provided through the internet network. Now landline number will be with you in any place where there is internet coverage.


  • Mobility and number reservation.
  • Profitable tariffs.
  • Additional services: Call History, CLIP, alphanumeric directory, etc.

The way IP telephony operates

While talking by phone your voice is converted into the digital format and data packages transmitted over the internet. The other side, after having received these data, reflects your voice, which is heard by the person you are talking to.

Usage cases

  • Frequent office relocation when it is necessary to conserve the number.
  • There is no possibility to connect an ordinary landline.
  • There is a need to answer customers` calls at the office and at home.

Tariff plans

IP Business 30IP Business 60IP Business 90IP Business 300
166.66 minutes for calls within the city166.66 minutes for calls within the city400 minutes for calls within the city700 minutes for calls within the city
 100 minutes for Kyivstar200 minutes for Kyivstar750 minutes for Kyivstar
 50 minutes for other mobile numbers250 minutes for other mobile numbers
 250 minutes outside the city
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More about IP telephony

  • How to set up the service
  • How to dial the number
  • What internet connection to select
  • Hardware and software

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