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Digital ISDN PRI lines

It is a good solution for the companies which need many lines and the community-dial office connection. The service provides connection of 30 telephone lines and 7 numbers.


  • Economy: wholesale offer.
  • Completeness: a wide range of telecommunication services via one cable (telephony, fax, etc.).
  • Flexibility: possibility of connecting alternative lines.
  • Transparency: tariff rates are given with VAT inclusive.

Examples of Use

  • You company’s activities require a great deal of speaking and communications via the telephony;
  • Your company needs a great number of telephones installed on working places (30 and more communication lines);
  • It is necessary to use a wide range of telecommunication services (fax, video conferences, etc.).

Tariff Rates

Connection fee, UAH1 2006001,21,2
Subscription fee, UAH1 2003 6006 0008 400
Monthly no-charge service volume
Minutes allowance for calls to the fixed-line numbers within the city5000500050005000
No-charge service volume in the amount equivalent, UAH.606,002497,2060008400
Cost of services above the no-charge volume
Calls to fixed-line numbers within the city, UAH/min0,0540,0540,0540,054
Calls to fixed-line numbers within Ukraine, UAH/min0,540,540,540,54
Calls to Ukrainian mobile numbers (Kyivstar, Beeline, Goden Telecom), UAH/min0,780,720,600,36
Calls to Ukrainian mobile numbers (MTС, Life, Utel, Intertelecom), UAH/min0,960,900,840,72
Connection of Subnumbers:
One number connection, starting from the 8th number, UAH120 (or 24 UAH/month)
Number to the customer’s choice, UAH/month60

Tariff rates are indicated in UAH, VAT inclusive.

Tariff Rates for Calls Abroad:

To the numbers of fixed-line operators:
Russia, UAH/min2,60
Belarus, UAH/min16,80
Moldova, UAH/min12,00
Azerbaijan, UAH/min10,56
Armenia, Georgia, UAH/min7,32
Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, UAH/min6,70
Eastern Europe, UAH/min7,97
Central and Northern Europe, Western Europe, Central Asia and Middle East, Eastern Asia, Australia and Oceania, UAH/min9,17
North America, UAH/min5,52
Africa, South and Central America, UAH/min15,84
Foreign countries not included into the above tariff zones, UAH/min34,80
To the numbers of mobile operators:
Russia, UAH/min4,80
Azerbaijan, Belarus, UAH/min16,68
CIS countries (except for Russia, Azerbaijan, Belarus), UAH/min10,80
Countries of Eastern Europe, UAH/min10,15
Other countries except CIS and Eastern Europe, UAH/min11,93
To the numbers of satellite communication operators:
Emsat, UAH/min261,91
Inmarsat, UAH/min169,80
Iridium, UAH/min112,08
Globalstar, UAH/min72,72
Ellipso, UAH/min117,72

Tariff rates are indicated in UAH, VAT inclusive.

Calls tariffication is charged per second, starting from the first second of conversation.

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