Call divert

The Call Divert service shall allow you to be in touch wherever you are and not miss important calls. This service makes it possible to divert your incoming calls to another phone number when you are busy, cannot answer the call or are outside the Kyivstar coverage area.

You can divert the incoming calls, for example, to the landline numbers, other mobile phone, any phone abroad or your autoresponder (the Voice Mail service) in order to receive voice messages.

Terms and Conditions of Service Provision

This service is available to the customers of all tariff packages free of charge.

There are four types of diversion:

1. Unconditional diversion (all incoming calls shall be diverted)

Every incoming call shall be automatically diverted to the chosen telephone number. Herewith your mobile phone does not call. The service is also available when the phone is off. The unconditional diversion mode cancels all other modes of diversion. To receive incoming calls again you need to cancel the diversion.

2. If there is no answer

This type of diversion means that if you don’t answer the call during some period of time the call shall automatically be diverted to the previously chosen number.

3. If the phone is off or outside the network coverage area

If your phone is turned off or you are outside the Kyivstar network coverage every incoming call shall automatically be diverted to another phone number. When you return to the coverage area or turn on the phone, you again receive the incoming calls to your phone.

4. If the line is busy

If you are talking to someone over your phone and the call-hold service is not activated the incoming call shall automatically be diverted to the chosen phone number instead of “busy” signals.

All kinds of diversion can be set up via your phone menu.

Some types of phones also allow additional diversion types:

  • Fax calls diversion;
  • Data transfer diversion.

How to Use the Service

In order to use the Call Divert service you shall customize it:

  • With the help of mobile phone menu (the sections can be called “Diversion”, “Readdressing”) you choose the type of diversion and indicate the phone number, to which the incoming calls should be diverted;


  • With the help of special service commands (at the end of which you must press the call button):
Call divert typeCommands
Call divert
(general commands)
Cancel all call diverts:##002#
Cancel all conditional call diverts: ##004#
Enable all conditional call diverts: **004*Number#
Unconditional call divert
(all calls)
Cancel* unconditional call divert: ##21#
Disable** unconditional call divert: #21#
Set and activate*** unconditional call divert: **21*Number#
Enable unconditional call divert: *21#
Check unconditional call divert status: *#21#
No Response call divertCancel* No Response call divert: ##61#
Disable** No Response call divert: #61#
Set and activate*** No Response call divert: **61*Number#
Enable No Response call divert: *61#
Check No Response call divert status: *#61#
Inaccessibility call divertCancel* Inaccessibility call divert: ##62#
Disable** Inaccessibility call divert: #62#
Set and activate*** Inaccessibility call divert: **62*Number#
Enable Inaccessibility call divert: *62#
Check Inaccessibility call divert status: *#62#
Line Is Busy call divertCancel* Line Is Busy call divert: ##67#
Disable** Line Is Busy call divert: #67#
Set and activate*** Line Is Busy call divert: **67*Number#
Enable Line Is Busy call divert: *67#
Check Line Is Busy call divert status: *#67#
Setting No Response call divert delay timeDelete previous setup: ##61#
Set delay time for N=5..30 seconds: **61*Number**N#
While setting No Response call divert you can set delay time in seconds, during which the system allows you to accept a call. If during this time you fail to accept the call it will be diverted.
Example: **61*+38067 ххххххх**30# — delay time is set for 30 seconds

* A number, to which call divert was set will be deleted.

** A number, to which call divert was set will be stored in the system.

*** “Set” means to input to the system a number, to which a call will be diverted. “Activate” means to activate call divert to the number mentioned above.


There is no additional subscription fee for this service. Cost per minute of the diverted call is charged according to the outcoming call tariff rates depending on the call type and diversion direction (mobile phone, within Ukraine/international).

The Call Divert service is also available in the roaming. If you activate the unconditional diversion (all calls) you pay for the outcoming call within Ukraine according to your tariff rates.

If you use conditional diversion being in the roaming you pay for the incoming call in the roaming and outcoming diverted call in the roaming. That is why we recommend you to check all types of diversion customized on your phone before going abroad.

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