Call hold, call-waiting, conferencing

The Call Waiting service allows receiving an incoming call during the current telephone call. The telephone itself will let you know about the second call during the conversation by several short beeps.

The Conference Call service will allow you conducting conversation simultaneously with several customers.


The Call Waiting, Call Hold and Conference Call services will allow you feeling the comfort of communication over the mobile telephone. You will not miss a call.

Service Possibilities

he Call Hold service will allow you without interrupting the current conversation that is holding a connection, making another outcoming call and afterwards going back to the first conversation.

Usage Instructions

You can find detailed description of how to use The Call Waiting, Call Hold and Conference Call services in your mobile telephone manual.


The subscription fee for these services is not charged.

The fee for the Call Hold and Conference Call services is charged as if you made all the hold calls separately. It means that the fee is charged for each call depending on its duration, call type (incoming/outcoming) and direction (mobile/within Ukraine/international).

How to Activate

The Call Waiting service is activated automatically for all new contract customers upon connection to the Kyivstar network.

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