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Special Short Numbers

Special short numbers are:

  • the numbers that are easy to remember
  • the numbers that could be dialed easily and fast in the emergency
  • the numbers that you use most often

General Information

You can make an urgent call in case of emergency.

Free of charge calls within Ukraine for all customers:

  • 101 — fire service;
  • 102 — police;
  • 103 — emergency medical service;;
  • 104 — emergency gas service.

And also several free special service numbers are offered for Kyivstar GSM customers:

  • 444 account replenishing by scratch cards;
  • 455 (or 909)balance information;
  • 466 Kyivstar GSM Customers Service Center;
  • 477 interactive autoresponder.


Calls to special services numbers and also to short special service numbers — are free of charge.


In case you need to call the emergency service, you will always have a possibility to make it quickly (calling to a special short number) and free of charge.

Calling to the special short number you may always receive the most reliable and on-line information about you account balance, latest actions and innovations made by the Kyivstar GSM, and also to change a tariff plan, to order or refuse form any service available.

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