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Who has Called

From now you will not miss a single call to your number as a useful and comfortable Who has Called service is introduced in the Kyivstar network.

Who has Called — is the service to inform subscribers about missed incoming calls which were made at the time when the telephone was out of the Kyivstar network coverage or switched off.

The subscriber will receive the information about missed calls in the form of an SMS from a Kyivstar number or from the number of the subscriber who has called with indication of:

  • the caller’s number;
  • the number of attempts;
  • the time when the last attempt was made.

Please, note: Starting from December 8, 2008 the information about missed calls will be delivered in the form of a standard SMS on behalf of the customer who has tried to get in touch with you. If you have missed calls from 4 or more subscribers, all of the calls will be grouped into one message for a better convenience of the viewer; the sender will be the Kyivstar.

The service is automatic and is activated free of charge for all new contract subscribers (except for corporate), Kyivstar prepaid and Beeline subscribers.

The service automatically is switched off in the roaming and is activated after the subscriber’s registration in the Kyivstar network.


The Who has Called service is free of charge for all Kyivstar network subscribers.

Service Ordering

Order the Who has Called service by a special USSD request or sending a free SMS to the number 100:

USSD-requestSMS to the phone number 100Action
*100*03*1#03*1To check the status of the Who has Called service
*100*03*2#03*2To connect the Who has Called service
*100*03*3#03*3To disconnect the Who has Called service

Additional Information

  • A Kyivstar subscriber has the possibility to get the information about the last twenty subscribers who called him within the timeframe he was out of the mobile network.
  • The information about missed calls will be preserved for two days from the moment the call was made to the subscriber’s mobile number.

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