Postpone of payment

Deferred payment is a program that allows you to use mobile communication services with a possibility to pay for the next month, after receiving your monthly invoice.


  • Payment for mobile communication services after their actual usage;
  • Program availability regardless subscription term and monthly invoice amount;
  • A convenient informational system that reminds to replenish the account.


You can become a participant of Deferred Payment Program immediately after the arrangement of a new Kyivstar network connection or while getting services.

No payment is taken for connection and participation in the program.

The larger your average monthly mobile communication service invoice is, the lower disconnection limit will be that will be calculated individually and set for your personal account at the beginning of each month.

Per default, the disconnection limit equals to the amount of your tripled average monthly expenses in 4 previous months, and in case of its overdraft mobile communication services will be suspended and resumed only after account recharge till null or positive balance.


Continue using mobile communication services even if you are short of money on your account within the individual disconnection limit set for your personal account.

Under Deferred Payment Program conditions, if there is some debt for the consumed mobile communication services at your personal account for the previous month, its amount will be fixed as of the start of the 1st day of the current month, what you will be informed about with a corresponding SMS.

A corresponding SMS will be sent on your telephone number with a specified remaining debt amount in case of your non-payment or only partial payment of the invoice for the previous month before the 10th day of the current month.

If the corresponding invoice is not paid before the 19th day of the current month, what you will be informed about with the corresponding SMS, rendering mobile communication services for your personal account will be suspended on the 20th day with a possibility of its renewal after you’re the repayment of the corresponding debt in accordance with the issued invoice.


  • To activate, deactivate or change the conditions of Deferred Payment Program rendering, the only thing you have to do is to place a corresponding order in the Kyivstar store.
  • The order shall be executed from the 1st day of a month following the month in which it is placed what you will be informed about with the corresponding SMS.
  • The service is active throughout Ukraine, except for temporarily occupied territories. Service action can be restricted on the territories of Joint Forces Operation conducting.

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