Independent Service Management

Independent Service Management is a service that allows lowering the load on coordinators and gives subscribers the opportunity to manage services by themselves via the voice menu 477.


  • For coordinators: considerable time-saving due to subscribers being able to connect various services for their numbers themselves;
  • For subscribers: no need to ask coordinators to connect or disconnect services for their numbers; opportunity to choose the service packages that meet your requirements independently.

Examples of Usage

  • Delegation of authority: the coordinator gives the company top managers (e.g.; director, chief accountant, sales manager etc.) the opportunity to manage services independently;
  • Subscribers pay for their mobile communication bills in part or in full.

Service Possibilities

Business-subscribers that have connected the Independent Service Management are given the opportunity to order services and service packages independently via the voice menu 477.


Tariffs and Payments

The service is free of charge

How to manage the cerivice

The company coordinator or other authorized person can connect / disable the service

  • Via the My Kyivstar self-service system
  • Via the voice menu 477 for coordinators

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