Calling Line ID Restriction Service

Keep your number a secret with the help of "Number Anti-identifier" service for only 1 UAH/day!

How to order?

Dial *100*07*2# After ordering you will recieve a confirmation SMS.


"Number Anti-identifier" service allows you to control the state of restriction on your number displaying on the phone on Kyivstar user you are calling to.


The fee for service activation, UAHAbsent
Monthly fee for tariff plans: Gate, Kyivstar Team, Kyivstar 4G Simple, Kyivstar 4G Simple+, Kyivstar 4G, Kyivstar 4G Extra, Kyivstar 4G Ultra, Kyivstar 4G Business, IoT 10, IoT 12, IoT 25 , IoT 30, IoT 45, IoT 80, IoT 150, IoT 350, Smart, Smart+, Smart Max, Smart Business, Unlim+, Simple, IoT 12 NP, IoT 15, IoT 20, IoT 35, IoT 55, IoT 100, IoT 200, IoT 45050 UAH
Subscription fee for tariff plans: 3G Business VIP Premium, Business Office VIP, Business Office Premium, Kyivstar 4G Business, Kyivstar 4G Business VIP, Smart Business+, Smart PremiumFree of charge
Monthly fee for other tariff plans30 UAH

Service control

To restrict your number from showing dial #31# in fromt of the number you are calling. For example #31#(network code)xxxxxxx, where xxxxxxx is the number of person you are calling to.

Attention! Service does not work for SMS.

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