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Coordinates of the Objects

The product is intended for business clients that use Global Positioning Systems (GPS).

The proposed application programming interface (API) provides an opportunity to send requests for the subscribers’ location, whose numbers are registered on the Kyivstar scustomer’s personal account. The API should be integrated with the global positioning system existing on the client`s side.


  • No monthly subscription fee
  • An alternative channel for receiving information about location of the object, in the case of primary system (GPS) failure
  • Wide national coverage allowing to get the coordinates of the objects located in remote and hardly accessible regions

Examples of Use



Courier services: goods, correspondence delivery

Tracking the staff location

Transportation and Logistics

Tracking the location of vehicles and cargoes

Services of transport, emergency services, taxis

Supervisory control

All activities

Tracking the company staff location

Service Possibilities

Average accuracy of customer’s location is about. The accuracy depends on the base stations density and could be different in city and country areas ranging within 300 to.

The object’s location on the map is displayed as a sector.

To set-up the programming interface you can use the instruction: instruction (in Russian).

After programming interface integration with your location system, you can send requests to obtain coordinates of subscribers registered on your personal account.

  1. To obtain coordinates you need to specify in your request the customer’s phone number in the format: 380 XX XXX XX XX.
  2. If the customer is within the Kyivstar coverage area the coordinates of his location come in WGS84 format.
  3. If you received the reply that the customer is not in the coverage area three times, your subsequent requests for this number will be processed not earlier than in 15 minutes after the last reply to the request.

Tariffs and Payments

Service activation fee — 900 UAH

Providing information about the location of one number — 1 UAH.

Service activation fee and the object location coordinates provision are charged from the account of the coordinator of the corporation, whose number has been specified in the service activation request.

All the tariffs are indicated in UAH incl. VAT. The Pension Fund fee in the amount of 7.5 % of the service cost is additionally charged excluding VAT.

Service Activation

The company coordinator can activate this service (your company employee who is responsible for staff servicing in the Kyivstar) in the Service and Retail Department or Corporate Clients Department. The application for service activation should be submitted by the telephone number of the coordinator. The application should contain the following details:

  1. EDRPOU code of the company;
  2. IP-address of your server from which the requests to get objects coordinates will be sent;
  3. Login for service authorization in API (any combination of Latin letters or/and digits);
  4. Phone number of the coordinator, which will be charged for the service.

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