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With the Navigator service you get the opportunity to control your organization transport and track the location of your employees.

The Navigator service allows saving money instead of buying expensive equipment for locating tracking.

The Navigator service allows customers to tack the location of their SIM cards. To avoid possible conflicts with persons whose location can be determined by means of the Navigator service, the customers are recommended to agree with such persons the opportunity to determine their location.

To use the service you only need your employee to have a mobile phone (it can be located in a vehicle) and a computer with the Internet access.

You may determine the customer’s location all over the territory of Ukraine where the Kyivstar network coverage is.

The Navigator service subscription and management are to be done by the coordinator with the help of My Kyivstar self-service system. The coordinator appoints operators and indicates employees who will be tracked by the operators.

Service Opportunities:

  • Displaying vehicles or employees’ location on an electronic map. The location of several objects can be determined at once (by grouping them for your convenience).
  • Location of cars, cargos or employees within the definite period of time which you can set according to the time or schedule (on specified days).
  • Receiving notifications when a vehicle or employee reaches a specific region indicated on the map or leaves it or when the designated route is changed.
  • Cars, cargos or employees movement history review during different periods of time (e.g. during a working day or week), available also in the form of reports.
  • Sending SMS-messages to one employee or a group of employees directly from the service WEB-interface.
  • Indication of the objects at your choise on the map.


The Navigator service tariff rates and conditions are determined by the number of numbers connected to the service. Payment is made for each number that is connected to the service. All charges for using the "Navigator" service are deducted from the personal account of the coordinator of the organization.

Number of numbers connected to the service.Subscription fee for each number, UAHNumber of requests

Subscription fee change:

  • The subscription fee tariff is changed automatically on the 1st of each month. The rate is set for all rooms and depends on the number of rooms on the last day of the last month.
  • Changing the subscription fee is free of charge.

Service Activation

The service can be activated by the organization coordinator (an employee authorized to deal with services provided by the Kyivstar Company) with the help of the My Kyivstar self-service system or by dialing 477*34.

To adjust the service the coordinator have to enter the My Kyivstar system, indicate mobile phone numbers which location must be determined and appoint the «operators» who will track objects and employees’ location.

The Navigator Service Mechanics

Roles of the Navigator service users

The coordinator performs the function of Navigator service Administrator who is authorized to:

Appoint roles (Operator or Employee) for using the service. The administrator has no right to appoint his or her own number as the Operator or Employee;

  • Create employees groups;
  • Edit users’ personal data;
  • Change service interface personal settings.
  • Execute all actions available to the Operator.

The administrator is not allowed to delegate his or her rights to another user.

Upon the Navigator service activation the Administrator has to distribute Operators and Employees roles among the subscribers.

The customer performing the Operator role is allowed to do the following:

  • Work with a map (add objects to the map, design routes);
  • Send SMS to Employees using WEB-interface;
  • Make reports about Employees’ locations (according to the date, route and event);
  • Edit the subscribed Employees’ personal data.

Objects’ and employees’ location determination

The operator has an opportunity to determine the location of the Employee or group of Employees in two ways:

  • on-line with the electronic map via the service WEB-interface;
  • according to the scheduled time plan for checking the Employee’s location.

Usage Examples:

Example1. Express delivery:

  • After getting an order the operator sends the delivery address to the courier via SMS, and indicates the zone or object where goods should be delivered to on the map as well as the time of delivery. When the courier reaches the indicated zone or object, the operator is notified via SMS. The courier can report the successful delivery by sending the SMS to the short number 5148.
  • The operator will see the response on the WEB-interface. If the operator has no information about the location of delivery zone, he/ she can find it on the map. The operator will be also notified when the courier leaves the zone or object.
  • The delivery register can be analyzed to control couriers’ efficiency.

Advantages for you:

  • The company can improve the delivery process by managing couriers’ routes.
  • The company’s clients waiting for the delivery can quickly get the information about the parcel’s location on the route.

Example 2. Cargo transportation:

  • The system with a given frequency determines the mobile phone's location, which is in the cargo packaging.
  • Setting the route and time of its passing on the map, the operator receives a message in case of deviations from the defined route.
  • A control center manager monitors the speed of delivery.

Advantages for you:

  • The company gets the opportunity to control the delivery process of expensive cargos in real time. It allows reacting quickly if some changes occur and if it is necessary to change the route (it is especially important for the companies that deal with logistics of goods with short expiration date).

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