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Packages for Birthday of Unlimited Subscribers


According to the "Packages for Birthday" service conditions the subscribers who are serviced within one of the unlimited tariff plans can order and use one of the following special packages free of charge:

  • "Roaming for Birthday" allows you to receive incoming calls while being abroad free of charge.
  • "StarSvit for Birthday" allows you to make free calls abroad.
  • "Internet for Birthday" grants you the unlimited Internet access via GPRS and EDGE technologies.


The "Kyivstar Business" informs the subscribers, who are having birthdays soon, about thet possibility of free ordering the "Packages for Birthday" service by SMS, which are delivered monthly from the 1st till the 10th day.

In order to apply for connection of one of the packages, please:

  • Call 922*9;
  • Following the instructions of the interactive autoresponder apply for activation of the selected package;
  • Your order shall be processed within 24 hours from the moment of its submission;
  • Service package disconnection is not available.

The selected services package can be connected till the end of the calendar month when you have received the SMS offering to use the "Packages for Birthday" service.

If you don’t receive any SMS with information about possibility of services package free ordering, please call back to the phone number 922*9 and, following the instructions of the interactive autoresponder, register (or change) the date and month of your birthday. If the registered date is in the current month, you can activate the "Packages for Birthday" service immediately.

You can change the date and month of your birthday as many times as you wish, but you can use the "Packages for Birthday" service not more than once per year (12 months from the moment of your last order).

Tariffs and payments

Name of Package“Roaming for Birthday”“StarSvit for Birthday”“Internet for Birthday”
Minutes allowance for incoming calls in the roaming30--
Minutes allowance for international calls while dialing the phone number with prefixes “015”, “00” or “+”-20-
Data volume for Internet access by GPRS and EDGE technologies, Mb--unlimited
Subscription fee, UAHnonenonenone
The term of package validity from the moment of its activation, days303030

There is no connection fee while using the minutes allowance. Charging and write-off of free of each no-charge minute is carried out per second starting from the first second of service usage.

The "Roaming for Birthday", "StarSvit for Birthday" and "Internet for Birthday" service packages can be combined with any other services or offers.

If you switch from the unlimited tariff plan to any other, the connected package shall be disabled automatically and free of charge.

Minutes Allowance Balance Checking

To check the minutes allowance and the validity of the activated package dial the following USSD-combination on your mobile phone: *112*1#.

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