Forget about boring SMS! Send over the phone your emotions and feelings! Multimedia Messaging System (MMS) will help you with that.

 General Information

The MMS-technology provides you with an opportunity to send to your friends and colleagues:

  • pictures, photos, screensavers;
  • popular melodies, music, ringtones;
  • video reels;
  • large size text messages;

To start using MMS, please, follow the next steps:

Make sure that your phone supports MMS receipt and transfer

You may find this information in your phone’s manual.

To have a possibility to send MMS

Order the MMS service. By sending your first MMS in the Kyivstar network you activate the MMS service reception. Please, remember that until you haven’t activated the service by sending the first MMS from your phone, the MMS will reach you as a simple text message with a link to MMS album, where you will be able to pick it up.

Make all necessary settings in your phone

To set up your phone, please, enter «Phone Settings» section, choose your phone model and enter the settings described there.

Create the MMS

All you have to do is to find the Menu section which is usually called “Messages” then select “MMS” and finally click “Create new”. This is as easy as sending SMS messages. Make a photo of yourself, your friends, shoot a film about animals. If your telephone does not have a camera you may add colour or black & white picture, favourite melody or ring tone, compile MMS from these fragments and send it to your colleagues or friends!

Try to make your creative works not heavier than 1 Mb. There can be no more than 20 attachments

Send the MMS

You can send MMS to Kyivstar subscribers and also to subscribers of other Ukrainian operators. To send a message, please dial the number in international format: +380 67(97)XXX-XX-XX. If the recipient’s phone supports MMS he will see it on the display of his phone in several minutes after you pressed the “Send” button. If the recipient’s phone does not support MMS standard or he has not activated this service or if the recipient is subscriber of other Ukrainian operators (except for MTS Ukraine, Jeans), he will receive a notification as a simple SMS in which will be indicated the password and the internet address by which he will be able to see your message. Also, you may send the MMS directly to your friend’s e-mail. To do this you have to insert an e-mail address instead of a phone number while sending the MMS. Please remember that you may send one MMS message maximum to 10 friends at once.

In the roaming

All contract subscribers can use the MMS service in roaming. At the same time, there’s no need to change phone settings. Please, read about the MMS cost and payment principles in the Roaming section.


As for today agreements regarding international MMS, exchange is signed with all the foreign mobile connection providers.

It is important

MMS delivery to MEGAFON subscribers’ numbers is possible only to the numbers with the following prefixes: +7920, +7922, +7923, +7924, +7925, +7926, +7927, +7928, +7929, +7997

Service Activation

Activate the service via a special USSD-request or special free-of-charge SMS-message to the number 100:

USSD-requestSMS to “100” numberOperation
*100*11*2#11*2Activate service
*100*11*3#11*3Deactivate service
*100*11*4#11*4Set up service

General settings

Connection settings (obligatory)
Settings name:Kyivstar MMS
Data Bearer:GPRS
APN:for contract and prepaid subscribers: mms
Имя пользователя (User name):for contract and prepaid subscribers: mms
Prompt password:Выкл. (Off)
IP address:
IP port:9201 (for the majority of models)
8080 (for Nokia 3220, 5140, 6020, 6170, 6220, 6230, 6260, 6600, 6630, 6670, 6820, 7200, 7260, 7270, 7280, 7610;
Siemens C65, CX65, CX70, SK65, SL65;
Samsung D500 and others supporting WAP 2.0)
Home page:
Authentication type:Normal
Connection security:Off
Connection type:Permanent
Additional settings
Save sent message:At the subscriber’s discretion: Yes/No
This parameter allows saving the sent messages in the “Sent” folder or not saving.
You can choose any priority for your messages.
Delivery after:Immediately
It is the time of delivery delay. You can choose any.
Delivery report:At the subscriber’s discretion: Yes/No
Upon switching on of this option the subscriber will be informed if the MMs has been delivered to the recipient.
Read report:At the subscriber’s discretion: On/Off
If this function is activated, the recipient's phone will send you a notification that the message has been read
Vadility period:At the subscriber’s discretion – any period. This period means the time during which your MMS is saved on a server with the view of its recurrent delivery if the recipient's phone has been disconnected at the time of delivery, etc. The maximum MMS saving period on the server is 3 days.
Scale image down:At the subscriber’s discretion: Yes/No
This parameter defines if the message will be decreased for viewing. Our advise: Yes.
Default slide timing:At the subscriber’s discretion
It means the time of slideshow viewing
Allow multimedia reception:Yes
If this option is switched off the MMS messages will not be received.
Incoming multimedia messages:Retrieve
The phone retrieves new incoming messages from the MMS server without any notification
On Receiving Message:Retrieve immediately
You can choose any period for messages retrieving to your phone
Allow adverts:At the subscriber’s discretion: Yes/No
Allow anon. Messages:Yes
Delivery of anonimous messages is forbidden in the network, so it is not important which option you choose here
Speaker:At the subscriber’s discretion: Loudspeaker/Normal
This option defines the source of message sound
Hide ID:Off
This option should be off as the delivery of anonimous messages is forbidden in the Kyivstar network
Allow report:At the subscriber’s discretion: on/off. If the option is on the sender will receive a delivery report.
  • Connection and disconnection of the service using the USSD request is available to coordinators and subscribers with the right to manage services in the system of self-service «My Kyivstar»
  • Setting up the service using the USSD request is available to coordinators and users of the service "Independent Service Management"



One outcoming MMS message delivered to one subscriber or to the e-mail address and MMS delivery report sending (if the MMS sender has switched on the delivery report request function and you have confirmed the report sending) are charged according to your tariff plan terms and conditions.

Please, note: staying in the roaming you additionally pay for GPRS traffic used for MMS reception or delivery.

You can use MMS function in the roaming as well. There is no need to change phone settings. More information about MMS tariff rates and principles of Tariffication in the roaming you can find at the “Roaming” section.

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