The SMS service allows receiving and sending text messages to any GSM mobile telephone from the Kyivstar GSM network or guest network with the help of international roaming service. SMS allows receiving and sending text messages with maximum volume of 160 digital alphabetic symbols. This also can be done during telephone conversation.

The SMS peculiarity as compared to paging message lies in the fact that the subscriber is guaranteed the delivery of this message. If at the time of message transmission the subscriber is not reachable or his handset is off, the message will be saved by the Kyivstar GSM SMS Centre and delivered to the subscriber as soon as possible.


The SMS advantage in comparison with paging messages is that the delivery of that message to the subscriber is guaranteed. If at the time of message transmission the subscriber is not reachable or his handset is off, the message will be saved by the Kyivstar GSM SMS Centre and delivered to the subscriber as soon as possible.

Service General Information

Using SMS for the first time, you have to save the SMS Centre number in your phone memory:

On receiving a text message, your phone will signal you with a sound and light indicator (its blinking shows that the SMS memory is overloaded and you have to delete old messages in order to clear the space).

All the operations with text messages (e.g. editing, sending, deleting, etc.) are described in your mobile phone user manual.


Upon sending a short message to another Kyivstar subscriber or subscriber of other network, you have to do the following actions:

Using the phone menu (usually «Message» option), write the message.
Irrespective of the number (city number or «8-067» or «8-097»), send the message dialing the international code of Ukraine +38, then the code of Kyivstar 067 / 097 (or other operator’s code) and then — the subscriber’s number XXXXXXX, i.e. +380 67 XXX XXXX or +380 97 XXX XXXX.

Please, note:

The subscriber’s number should be dialed in the international format only (possible changes might occur depending on an individual operator).

For example: dialing to a subscriber in Odessa will be as follows: +38 067 480 xxxx, to a subscriber in Kiev (with direct city number 466 xxxx): +38 067 466 xxxx.

E-mail Receiving and Sending by SMS

Kyivstar subscribers are also provided with the option to receive and send e-mail using SMS.

Please, note:

With the aim to protect Kyivstar subscribers and prevent mass advertising messages receiving, the option to receive any text messages from the addresses of e-mail is blocked.

Kyivstar subscribers are able to unblock and block the function of receiving SMS from e-mail. To do this send an empty SMS message to a short number:

  • to unblock 7021;
  • to block 7020;
  • to check the service status 7022.

Messages sending from e-mail to mobile phone. On sending e-mail messages from your PC, you have to write the number in the form of «8-067» / «8-097» in the international format:

The size of e-mail message should not exceed 160 symbols.

Note 1: Writing a message you can use Latin letters, numbers and punctuation marks only.
Note 2: Before sending a message, determine the “Plain Text” mode.

Example: sending a message to the subscriber 80672209999:

  • Set the «Plain Text» mode for MS Outlook Express.
  • Write the e-mail addressee’s address.
    E.g.:, after that, write the subject and the text of the message.
  • Send the message.

Sending Messages from Mobile Phone to E-mail

In order to send an e-mail from the phone you have to:

  1. Write a short message of the following contents:
    address@domain [blank] (subject of the message (non-obligatory to indicate))[blank] text of the message..
    name@(domen name) (Meeting) Let’s meet at 18-00. OK?
    Example without indication of the subject:
    name@(domen name) Lets’s meet at 18-00. OK?
  2. Choose option: «Send».
  3. When the question: «To what number?» appears, dial 555 (for contract subscribers and prepaid subscribers) and send the message..


  1. The SMS Centre number is not changed in case of using international roaming service.
  2. Staying abroad, you have the possibility to send and receive short messages if the operator abroad technically supports this kind of service.


Tariffication is according to the service subscriber's tariff plan.

Please, note:

A message that has more than 160 symbols (Latin) or 70 symbols (Cyrillic), in the process of delivery will be divided into parts, each of these parts will be charged separately.

The SMS service is automatically activated for all contract subscribers as well as prepaid subscribers.

Сost of SMS delivery abroad: 1,90 UAH (including VAT and PF fee).

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