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The StarOffice service allows you to receive and transfer facsimile messages or data at 9,600 Kbps with the help of your laptop and mobile telephone. This service facilitates your daily work because you can do business no matter where you are. Now you don’t need a fixed line phone network to send a fax or receive an electronic message. If you have a mobile phone connected to the Kyivstar GSM and a laptop, the StarOffice service will solve all communications problems.


The StarOffice service includes two main services for message exchange and a possibility to use a facsimile number to receive messages (faxes) without the laptop:

  • Data receiving and transfering (electronic messages)
  • Facsimile messages receiving and transfering
  • The facsimile number forwarding


Subscribers can transfer and receive data using a special number for data transfer. All they have to do is to set up their equipment to work with another mobile number or with a special dial-up number. If the company has the dial-up number, the subscriber can enter the intranet and get all the necessary information.

One of the important advantages of this service is a high level of information security within the Kyivstar GSM network. When two Kyivstar GSM subscribers (SIM cards) exchange information, it will be accessible only to these two subscribers, in contrast with the e-mail transmitted over the Internet.

Software installation

After a successful installation of connection equipment and software, the system should recognize your mobile phone as a standard modem.

Now you have to install and set up a corresponding terminal program correctly. There are a lot of data exchange programs, and you can choose the one that suits you the best.

As the example, we will show you how to set up the HyperTerminal special application which is a part of Windows package. This program meets all the necessary requirements and will be convenient to the majority of users. We will use this application to show you which settings are necessary to exchange the data between two laptops connected with mobile phones (the Kyivstar GSM network SIM cards). If you need to connect to the Intranet, we recommend you to contact the system administrator of your network.

If there is no the HyperTerminal application on your laptop, please do the following procedure to install it.

HyperTerminal application installation in the Windows 95/98 environment

  1. Click on Start menu on the taskbar
  2. Select Settings, then Control Panel
  3. Click on icon Add/Remove Programs
  4. Choose tab Setup Windows
  5. Double click on Communications
  6. Select HyperTerminal
  7. Click on OK
  8. Insert the disk and specify the path to Windows 95/98 installation files
  9. Click on Apply

Establishing connection

  1. Click on Start menu on the taskbar
  2. Choose Programs, then Accessories, then Communications
  3. Click on HyperTerminal icon
  4. Start Hypertrm file in the opened folder
  5. Enter connection name (e.g., Test) in Connection Description box and choose a connection icon
  6. Enter phone number data in the next box Connect To
  7. Country/region: Ukraine (380)
  8. Area code: 67
  9. Phone number: 0672200000 (must include network code)


  10. Choose modem type, e.g., Nokia GSM Data 3.0
  11. In the last box Connect click on Modify
  12. Deselect Use country/region code and area code
  13. Then go to Dialing Properties
  14. Select Dial using: Pulse
  15. Enter connection name (e.g., Kyivstar GSM)
  16. To establish the connection with another notebook, click on Dial
  17. Save the connection you have set up.


To start sending data:

  • Start HyperTerminal program
  • Start the saved connection, e.g., Test
  • To establish the connection with another notebook, click on Dial
  • When the other number receives the call, connection will be automatically established
  • On the toolbar, choose Transfer, then Send File
  • Select the necessary file in Send File box
  • Click on Send
  • To send a text file (*.txt format), choose Transfer, then Send Text File
  • elect the necessary file in Send File box
  • Click on Send.


How to receive a message on your laptop:

  • Start HyperTerminal program
  • Start the saved connection, e.g., Test
  • In the Connect box click on Cancel
  • On the toolbar, choose Transfer, then Receive File
  • In Receive File box, specify the folder in which the received files will be saved, e.g. С:HyperTerminal
  • Now click on Call, then Wait for a Call
  • Connection will be automatically established after the call is received
  • Information will be received automatically
  • All incoming files will be automatically saved in the folder you have chosen
  • When you receive a text file (*.txt format), the information will be automatically shown in the window of HyperTerminal program
  • You can check connection settings by double click on the connection icon on the taskbar (in the right-hand bottom corner of the monitor near the clock).
  • During a connection session, the HyperTerminal window can be used to transfer text in the online mode. Everything you write in the main window will be transferred to another laptop and shown in the HyperTerminal window.
  • Approximate data exchange time: 50 KB per minute.


When you use this service you can receive messages not only from a mobile phone but also from any fax. If you spend a lot of time away out of the office (e.g., in a car), people can send you facsimile messages from a laptop even to an ordinary fixed line fax machine. You can write one number of your mobile fax on your business card and be sure that you will always receive information at any place that is convenient to you. You can appreciate the full value of this service when you use an electronic signature. You should create or scan your personal signature, put it into a template that you have prepared and send an official document to the ordinary fax machine.

To use the faxing service, you have to make connection with the help of any special program. We offer the example of setting up the most widespread and convenient WinFax program. This program has been successfully adapted to Windows and allows you to automatize many functions.

Software installation

  1. Install WinFax on the hard disk. When installing, leave most of the settings unchanged (by default). It is very important that you should enter correct information in the boxes with phone numbers for voice and facsimile communication.
  2. Reboot the notebook
  3. Start WinFax program:
    • Click on Start menu on the taskbar
    • Choose Programs
    • Then WinFax PRO and WinFax PRO Message Manager.

Receiving facsimile messages

After Windows restart, WinFax program automatically downloads a special controller (right bottom corner of the monitor, near the clock). It enables automatic reception of facsimile messages and shows the current state of the mobile fax.

The system informs you with a special message that a fax has been received.

After that, you can handle the received document: print, forward it etc.

Sending facsimile messages

  1. Start WinFax program
  2. Choose Send menu
  3. Select Send new fax
  4. Enter fax number (Number)
  5. Enter message text
  6. Click on Send.

To add a text document to the fax you are sending do the following:

  1. Choose Insert menu
  2. Then Files
  3. Select the file you need
  4. Click on Send.

If you want to send a fax message as a finished Word document and directly from the Microsoft Word environment, do the following:

  1. Start Microsoft Word
  2. Open the document you need
  3. Choose File menu
  4. Choose Print
  5. Select fax type (name) in the box — WinFax
  6. Click on OK
  7. Enter fax number (Number)
  8. Enter message text if necessary
  9. Click on Send.

Enter fax number in the international format. For example, to send a message to Kyiv fax 220 00 00, enter the phone number in this way: +380442200000.

Forwarding facsimile messages

When you have a supplementary number to receive and send faxes, you can forward incoming facsimile calls if you don’t have a laptop at hand. If you often go on business trips and you need to receive the latest information fast wherever you are, you can forward calls to any fax machine number and even to a fax machine abroad.

If your phone’s menu allows you to forward only facsimile calls, you just need to choose the right forwarding option. If your phone does not have this feature, you must set up call forwarding to a particular fax machine number by entering a certain combination of digits on your mobile phone and pressing the Call key:

*21*<phone number>*13# <call send key>

Any phone number to which you forward calls must be dialed in the international format!

E.g, to set up fax message forwarding to direct city number 220 00 00, you must key in the following combination: *21*+380 44 220 00 00*13# <send key>.

pon dialing of this combination (unconditional forwarding), all facsimile calls will be automatically forwarded to the fax number 220 00 00.

ossible codes for forwarding set-up:

  • *21*unconditional forwarding (all calls)
  • *62*if the phone is turned off or outside the coverage area
  • *67*fax number is busy
  • *61* — no answer

To cancel facsimile message forwarding, dial the following combination:

#<forwarding code>**13# <send key>

E.g., to cancel forwarding to the number 220 00 00, dial this combination:

#21**13# <send key>

There is an estimate of approximate time* of facsimile message reception to simplify the calculation of your expenses:

  • first page — 50 to 70 sec
  • very next page — 30 to 50 sec

This means that you will pay for one facsimile message page as much as for approximately 60 sec of a forwarded call.

Necessary Equipment

To use this service you will need the following:

  • A supplementary number to receive or forward facsimile messages
  • Fax- and data-enabled mobile phone
  • The mobile hand phone set should be connected to a laptop when receiving or sending messages

Necessary equipment:

  • Laptop
  • Mobile phone
  • PCMCIA card (for some phone models)
  • Connection cord
  • Software


Now that the range of laptops is quite wide so we can describe the necessary configuration only in general.

A laptop can be used as a part of themobile office if it meets the following requirements:

  • A 100-MHz processor
  • 16 MB of RAM
  • Operating system Windows 95, 98, NT
  • Standard ports

Mobile phone

All data-enabled mobile handsets can be used for this service with special connection equipment. Most often, the main elements connecting a mobile handset with a laptop are a connection cable and a PCMCIA card. Many current handset models already contain a modem, so a special cable or infrared port is enough to connect them to a laptop. Keep in mind that you must use a handset model and accessories from the same manufacturer and use only this manufacturer’s guide.


PCMCIA cards are produced by different manufacturers in a variety of types, but they are all of the standard size. That is why, if your handset can be connected to a laptop only through a PCMCIA card, you should set up software in the Windows environment. Usually, all cards come with a set of drivers, which should be used when the notebook detects a new device — a PCMCIA card. We recommend you to read a guide on installing your PCMCIA card attentively in order to configure the connection system correctly.

Infrared port

Most of the contemporary mobile hansets contain an infrared port that enables them to establish connection with a computer without any additional devices. After the handset is placed opposite a computer’s infrared port (the hanset’s IP device must be activated using the menu), the Windows recognizes the handset as a modem. To establish the connection, set up the software (as a rule, the set of drivers is supplied with the handset).


Number connection fee for receiving and sending fax messages and data, UAH


Sending fax messages and data within Ukraine, UAH/min


Sending fax messages and data to Kyivstar phone number, UAH/min


Receiving fax messages and data


Tariff rate can be changed according to your tariff conditions.

Tariffication interval is 1 second. Incoming and outcoming calls up to 2 seconds duration are free.

Fax message and data transmission to international numbers are charged in accordance with international tariff rates.

Tariffication of fax and data forwarding (function within the StarOffice service) is charged according to the tariff rates of voice call forwarding, depending on the tariff plan.


StarOffice will allow you to feel the comfort in everything you are doing. You can do your business, without warning about your location. From now on you do not need a fixed telephone network in order to send a fax or receive email. If you have mobile telephone from the Kyivstar GSM Company and a laptop the StarOffice service will solve all problems connected with communications.

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