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150 minutes to other networks

How to order

How to use

For 30 UAH per month you receive 150 non-chargeable minutes monthly. You can use them for calls to:

  • numbers of other Ukrainian mobile operators
  • fixed-line numbers of Ukraine

To check the balance of non-chargeable minutes send the request *264#

The tariff indicated including all taxes and fees.

Additional information about the service

  • The application for connection of “150 minutes to other networks” package will be executed within one day.
  • The first amount of non-chargeable minutes upon the package conditions is counted after the application for connection will be performed; a monthly fee is charged the next day after activation.
  • Each minute within the non-chargeable amount will be counted in accordance with the customer’s tariff.
  • Unused amount of free minutes upon the package conditions will be canceled on the last day of month at 23:59:59.
  • If you have used out all non-chargeable minutes ahead of time, the tariffication will be carried out according to your tariff plan or other connected services/packages conditions.
  • You can activate the package since 28 of January 2016 all across Ukraine, excluding the temporarily occupied territories.
More profit with calls. 150 minutes to fixed-line numbers and numbers of other Ukrainian mobile operators just for 30 UAH per month. Special offer for “It’s simple for business” users.

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