Additional Number

Additional Number — two numbers in one phone!

Do you often indicate you phone number in the internet or adds? Would you like to keep you privacy at that? Activate Additional Number service! The additional number at the existing SIM card protects your main number from undesirable contacts.

Upon the service activation you will be able to receive incoming calls to the additional number and make calls from it as well as send and receive SMS and MMS messages without changing your SIM card.

Order of service *100*33*2#

Service Activation, Fees and Charges

Service management

Available channels

Fees and charges



My Kyivstar

Service order




Free of charge

Monthly fee for plans: Gate, Kyivstar Team, Kyivstar 4G Simple, Kyivstar 4G Simple+, Kyivstar 4G, Kyivstar 4G Extra, Kyivstar 4G Ultra, Kyivstar 4G Business, Smart, Smart+, Smart Max, Smart Business, Unlim+, Simple, IoT 12 NP, IoT 15, IoT 20, IoT 35, IoT 55, IoT 100, IoT 200, IoT 450


30.00 UAH

Monthly fee for plans: 3G Business VIP Premium, Business Оffice Premium, Kyivstar 4G Business, Kyivstar 4G Business Premium, Kyivstar 4G Business VIP, Smart Business+, Smart Premium


Free of charge

Subscription fee for other tariff plans, except for the above   30,00 UAH

Service status check
(assigned number; activity status, service schedule)




Free of charge

Change of the current number for a new one

Assigned by the system automatically




25,00 UAH

Number choice by your own (including platinum, gold or silver)




Starting from 50,00 UAH

Service suspension/renewal




Free of charge

Service deactivation




Free of charge

Outcoming calls, outcoming SMS and MMS messages from the additional number are charged according to your current tariff plan taking into account bonus costs available on your account.


818 – Internal service code

To make a call, send SMS or MMS messages from your additional number you have to dial a customer’s number at your mobile phone in the following format: 818380ХХХХХXX, where 818 — the internal service code, 380 — the code of Ukraine, and ХХХХХXX — the subscriber’s number whom you are calling or sending the SMS or MMS message.

Calls, SMS and MMS messages sent to your additional number are redirected to your main number automatically. The сustomer’s number who is calling to you or sending the SMS or MMS message to your additional number will be displayed in the following way: 818380ХХХХХXX, where 818 — the internal service code, 380 — the code of Ukraine, and ХХХХХXX — the subscriber’s number who is calling or sending the SMS or MMS message.

Exclusive Additional Number Service

You can activate a nice-looking number as your additional number which you choose on your own! Depending on the number simplicity you can choose a platinum, gold or silver number type.

Number type

Exclusive number activation fee

Platinum number

The number including 4 and more the same figures in succession.

For example, 067 8855555, 067 123 4444

1,500 UAH

Gold number

The number including 3 the same figures in succession or the number including the figures in decending/ascending order.

For example, 067 2255522, 067 8889555, 067 9876543

1,000 UAH

Silver number

The number including figures combinations or the number with figures “mirror reflection”.

For example, 067 4562233, 067 1234321

250 UAH

Number of your choice

Any figures combination, excluding Platinum, Gold and Silver Number combinations.

50 UAH




What are the advantages of Additional Number service? How can I use the service?

As a rule the service is used to protect the main phone number. If you have to give your number to people whom you do not know, publish your contact information in the Internet, register the phone number in trade networks or banks, receive the information by SMS — Additional Number service protects your main number from being misused by strangers.

Is it possible to schedule the service?

Yes, it is. The service, for example, allows you to differentiate between private and work calls as the additional number can be activated for 24 hours/day or according to the schedule convenient for you. To make the schedule settings, please, enter My Kyivstar system, Services and Special Offers section and set up the convenient schedule.

If the additional number is disabled according to the schedule, you will not be able to receive any calls although you will be able to send and receive SMS and MMS messages.

Is it possible to order more than one additional number?

For one main number you can order only one additional phone number.

How often can I change the additional number?

You can change your phone number not more than 3 times during 30 days from the moment of its activation or the last change.

Will I get a new number if I disactivate the service and re-activate it in some time?

If during 2 months upon the service deactivation you decide to re-activate it, you will be given the same phone number. If you re-activate the service in more than 60 days after the service deactivation, you will be provided with a random number or you will be able to choose the number in My Kyivstar system on your own.

Are there any limitations for calls via the service?


The additional phone number does not allow making outcoming calls and sending SMS and MMS messages to foreign providers subscribers’ numbers. Correct service operation cannot be assured in the roaming.

Will the messages from short numbers be delivered to the additional number?

The messages, sent from short and alphanumeric numbers of Kyivstar and CPA providers as well as adds of the provider and its partners, may not be delivered to the additional number.

When the recipient can see my actual main number?

If you have activated Additional Number and SMS Call services and you are trying to make a call from the additional number to a mobile number within Ukraine but your account balance is insufficient to make a call, the subscriber you are calling to will receive a notification about it by means of SMS Call service. You real number, not the virtual one will be indicated in this message.

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